Wednesday, August 9, 2017


The Smartphone says 5 DAYS!!!

How  is that possible?
Time flies when you're packing.

Just a short update today. Priscilla is back from the shop. The wonderful Folks at Midas Orillia- Eduardo in particular, have her road-worth and safe. That's all we ask. Just get us to the Island.
After a further $2000 and change-add that to last week's $3000, you'll compute that's a heart-stopping, RRSP draining $5000 and so much!!
I know but it had to be done. We have to be safe on our cross-country trek and Priscilla is the main player in this journey. She has new tires, brakes, brake line, shocks and a bunch of other stuff that I can't explain. Fie on Heidi's for selling us on the 2003 Ford F450 with a safety check with up to 6 deficiencies. They will receive a letter pf disappointment and admonishment. I am composing it in my mind.


Our Montana van- also a 2003, goes to Hansen's Forwarding in Toronto- Scarborough actually, to be sent by rail to Delta BC. We expect the "Swissshmobile's" arrival to coincide with our arrival in Tswwassen/Delta on August 21st.
Fingers are crossed.

So, Dear Readers, that's the up to the minute news.
Look at me, I sound like Charles Dickens- "Dear Readers" indeed.

A full day of appointments and stuff tomorrow and then the A-1 Junk Guys are still scheduled for Friday.
Five Days?????

Lator Gator