Tuesday, August 8, 2017


We all know there's a right and wrong way to put toilet paper on a toilet paper hanger.

Over the past few weeks I have been wondering if there's a right or wrong way to place bubble wrap against the glass of a framed print. There are no instructions on the bubble wrap box we received from Uline. That's the company where we ordered all our boxes and packing materials from.
It was an excellent choice!

So, Bubble Wrap. We have used tons and tons as well as another magnificent packing tool- tape.
Lots and lots of tape. Also in the top 3 packing items I would have to lean heavily towards suggesting plain newsprint if you have a move in your future. This stuff is pure gold when it comes to wrapping practically anything. Again, Uline supplied us with lovely big boxes in huge sheets. Easy to handle. Fast to wrap. And Clean.
Sorry for starting a short sentence with "and". My grammar teachers would cringe. As an aside, I also cringe when someone place a comma before the word "and".
And suggest the comma. It's not needed. I asked a teacher that again a few years ago. Sorry I strated yet another sentence with "and".


That's the advice my mobile gave me when I fired her up this morning.
6 days.
Cripes! This is getting real.

There's till a bunch to do.
The Junk Guys A1- Junk Removal come Friday morning to take anything we are not.
Our van goes to Hansen's in Toronto tomorrow where it will be shipped west on rail come Friday. We will meet up with her on August 21st in Delta BC.
Outdoor stuff from the garage- like Knomes and a cement rabbit, need to be packed.
There are couple of boxes that will go to the curb for "Free" dispersal or perhaps to Value Village.

In other news, Folks have been dropping in to say goodbye.
Hasn't been too tough yet on the "tears scale" of one to infinity until my cousin sent a lovely e-mail thanking us for the lilies she picked up yesterday. It has been the best "tah tah for now" yet.
We have stopped the dinners and goodbye brunches. Too much to handle and time-consuming too when there is work to be done at home.

We are keeping an eye on the forest fire situation. Many friends are asking what we will do.
If we can't keep to our northern route through Lake Louise, Kamloops then to Hope via the Coquihalla and finally Tswwassen, we will go through The Hat and travel along Highway 3.
It's much, much longer but it will depend on fire, smoke and if towns are being evacuated.

So Kids, that's it for now. I have a list as long as Hugh Jackman's legs to get through today, so I had better get started.

Oh, one final note on saying goodbye.
Hugs are good.
Shoulder pats and hand shakes are as well.
"Take care" is simple.
"See you soon" is fine.
"We'll probably be out to the Island" is hopeful.
"God Bless You" is not.
Tom and I are Humanists- a nice way to say atheist.
Saying GBY to us can be compared to calling a Homosexual "Gay"-which is fine but "faggot" is not.
That example may be a bit over the top but you get my gist. Now, hand me a martini and carry on!

So please, no blessing from any "Gawd" because he doesn't exist and never has except in the occasional blog I write. Check out Blog #620 as an example. There are other Blogs too. Just go back a bit. Sorry Gals that I mentioned "Gawd" in the "male" context.

Unless God is helping with the driving, please think of another endearing term when saying "'See You in the Funny Papers".

Now, before this Blog takes another twist, I have to go and do stuff with 6 days to Go!!