Sunday, October 2, 2011


It’s been a whole year but I didn’t want it to pass without mentioning our good friend Olive Corrigan who passed on at this time last year.

I dug back into my blogs from a year ago and found the following:

This week our lovely friend and family member Olive Corrigan passed.
Olive opted not to take medication about a year ago after the medication made her ill.
She opted for “quality of life”.
She had it this past year.
Laughter. Dinners. Outings. Martinis on the verandah. More laughs.
We will miss her.
We had a lot of good times over the summer. The last was just before Labour Day.
When the cancer hit her, it took her with terrifying speed.
We gave her all the strength we could muster.

I hope it was enough.
Bye Ollie!
May Angels take you to Eternal Happiness!
See you again- sometime.
I am feeling drained but there’s a lesson here- live each day to its fullest!

We still miss her. It’s seems impossible some days that she’s not on this earthly plane
anymore. We’d call on the phone to keep in touch.
Her cheery- “Hello Dear, how are you?” when she recognized our voice.
When the call was finished we’d say- “Love you!”
She say- “Love ya back.”

A week or so after Olive passed, I remember my voice from the “next realm” giving me a message.
Believe what you will…
That’s not the message, this is-
My friend from the next level of existence whispered in my ear one day when I was doing something total benign.
He told me- “she passed on rather quickly”.

I smiled.
I shared the words with her daughter.

Hope things are really fine for you Ollie.
I seem to hear your voice from time to time.
We miss you terribly but we know you have moved on to bigger and better things
…and “rather quickly” too!