Friday, October 7, 2011

ROBBLOG #325 W E E K E N D Edition

I wasn’t sure about writing this blog but then I thought “what the hell”, it can’t be any worse than many others I have written and received e-mails about.

My topic: Thanksgiving and what I have to be Thankful for this year.

This past year, I have discovered that I have been fooling myself- for several decades, on a few things. In retrospect, I believe I have been living in a rose-tinted world.

An example?

A few years ago, just before my marriage to Tom, my mother said- “why do you have to make such a big deal of everything?”
Specifically she meant the Gay Wedding and the invited guests.
She didn’t understand how much it meant to me- to us.

Then, at the end of this past July, I hit a milestone birthday. Yes, to appease Tom, we had another “big deal”. We had a celebration of my 6 decades on earth at Casino Rama.
It was a wonderful party!
Everything was perfect.
Nothing could have made it more special.
The Casino staff worked very hard to make it a memorable event.
It’s a party I will never forget and I am so thankful we planned it.

Something else I will never forget.
My Mum, never so much as said “Happy Birthday” to me- except in a card.
It bothers me.
I overlook it but I can’t forget it.

I am thankful- most of all, for Tom.
My rock.
My foundation.
My husband.
My friend.
There are no greater thanks- or love, that I can offer. If not for Tom there would be many things I would not have accomplished or done in my life. Two beautiful homes-  the second of the two where we still live- after 19 years.
19 years in the same house?
That’s a record to be thankful for to be sure.

Then, there’s the travelling to far-off destinations and meeting all sorts of people.
We have wonderful pets over the years- and still have.
I am thankful for that, especially our yellow lab- Kiki, who turned 15 in July. She has been the most amazing animal. She will always have a special place in my heart of hearts.
She makes me thankful- and happy.
Kiki’s a special part of Tom’s life too!

There are other friends and family for whom I am truly thankful.
I guess I wished they knew me better- knew Tom and I as the Gay couple we are.
I believe that many people view us as “the Boys” not even knowing what our Gay Culture or being "Gay" is all about.
I am not trying to force anything onto people here but think about this-
Tom and I are a Gay couple- 26 ½ years together and we live in a straight world with mostly straight friends- some who can’t even deal with the word “Gay” let alone “Homosexual”.
I think they forget sometimes.
I’d be thankful if they appeared to know that from time to time. Sometimes going to another heterosexual party or dinner is just too much to handle.
That’s why I have to keep it out there. I keep reminding everybody we are just not the boys who live in an 1875 Victorian House with pets and a big screen television.

Some friends who do get it, get it well. A dinner party we attended back in August actually had 2 straight couples and two gay couples around the table.
I was thankful.
I toasted the hosts and brought that to their attention.

Every year, I hear the excuses for not coming to Pride with us and yet year after year we attend birthdays, anniversaries, holiday celebrations and July 1st parades with them in a “heterosexual  environment”.
Okay, the Scottish Festival is a little “Gay” what with all the swissshing of those tartans over bare, hairy legs. Everything left to swing in the hot July breeze- or lack of…
However, I am grateful for the social activities we do have and take part in whole-heartedly.

Yes, we could move back to the city and live in the “village”. I’ve made that point on several occasions this past year. I just want to be who I am and what I am for the years I have left. I’ve pretended far too long that I’m content with everything as it is today.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful for much more than just people.
I can usually do and be and buy what I want. I joke that I am living on a fixed income but it doesn’t mean I’m spreading no-name cat food on no-name crackers- at least not for the foreseeable future.
Things are good.
 The other morning while chatting over the garden gate to a neighour, I was told that on a trip to Africa they had seen a poor Masai Warrior who lived in a cow-dung and straw hut, walking away from his home with a cell phone pressed to his ear!
Bet he’s thankful.

So there you have it.
Sorry about the rambling.
Did I say thanks? I think so.

Thanks for what I have, for what I am and who I know.
Thanks for my health and my hair!
Thanks for all the pets at Pine Tree House- Kiki, Missy, Dickens and Doyle and for my wonderful sweet Husband –Thomas.
Thanks too for Swisssh Radio. Swisssh keeps my mind active, my heart happy and makes me feel like a kid just starting out in broadcasting.
Thanks for reading this RobBlog- even though you don’t like or agree with some of the stuff I write about. 100 people- on average read it every day!

So have a Happy Thanksgiving and be grateful for what you have. For all the crap I deal with- we all deal with, it’s still a beautiful world- and life.

So, now it’s your turn. Write some “things” you’re thankful for on a piece of paper or on your computer. You’ll be surprized at how good you’ll feel after you’ve done it!

Oh yes- thanks for Turkey and Cranberries too!