Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I was so incredibly sad when I read this yesterday- I cried.
I could barely tell Tom why. 

Jamie Hubley- 15 years old, is dead. 

Who is Jamie? Jamie is a Gay, 15 year old Ottawa schoolboy who took his life this past weekend because of bullies. The son of an Ottawa City Councillor who seemed to have everything a young man could have but in the end- nothing. 

Jamie had dealt with bullying as early as Grade 7. The story goes that “bullies” tried to shove batteries down his throat after he chose Ice skating instead of hockey. Jamie was bullied and called names- like “Faggot” one would presume, at school and at home too in the form of e-mail messages. 

Jamie and his Father Ottawa City Councillor Allan Hubley
By last weekend he had had enough. In his blog, he wrote that he couldn’t wait another 3 years for things to get better. Three years from now when he’d be through with high school. Three years from now when the “low-life” that ground him down would disappear from his life.
Why three years?
There’s a movement started by a Toronto Gay couple on the web called “It Gets Better”. The famous and not-so-famous make videos telling young, Gay and Lesbians that after High School things do get better.
They promise.
That’s admirable and the videos I’ve seen come straight from the heart but why should Jamie or any other kid have to wait that long? Surely teachers knew of the torment he faced. Didn’t one of them have the balls to stand up to the bullies?
What about the testosterone charge Male Gym teacher(s)?
Cripes they could have shaken the shit out of the bullies mentally at least. They could have made them do an extra five laps! I would expect the gym teacher at the high school would know the identity of the culprits. Assholes tend to stand out in a crowd. Teachers are the educators. The one’s in control. The leaders.
I know you can’t protect a kid 24 hours a day but telling the bullies to stop- at least while on school property, might have saved Jamie’s life. 

I can’t imagine taking your life as a result of someone else’s slurrs. I hope these young men and women are weeping today. I hope the fact they caused a young man’s death never leaves their mind.
It’s like murder- isn’t it?
They killed Jamie a good kid who was just trying to be a teenager.
Jamie’s only problem?
He was a Gay Teen.
I know Gay suicides have happened locally. Most never are mentioned. Maybe somehow something will happen nationally- a Canada wide movement just so another Jamie doesn’t have to die. 

Those who taunted him should be “outed”.
They should be dragged in front of the school, media and public and be taught a lesson.
Is that bullying?
Maybe, but a point has to be made. They shouldn’t get away without a verbal public flogging. These are the kids who forced Jamie to die- to take his young life just because of them a great kid no longer lives. 

I hope that those people who are living and lurking in the closet- especially those in public life, come out and come forward. Do it in Jamie’s memory. The water’s fine. Yes, there are occasional waves but no more than what you might expect. 

At times, I hear high school kids walk by my house yelling and screaming. I’ve seen them call a kid walking alone on the opposite side of the street- “Hey Faggot”. I’ve heard them call one another “fagt” and “queer” in jest.
I usually speak up.
So should you. 

In the meantime perhaps Jamie is at rest now. 

His family however, will live with this tragedy the rest of their lives.