Monday, October 3, 2011


NEWS F L A S H Thursday October 6, 2011

Before you read the blog below read this:

With four hours to go in the polls...Rob Reid voted!
A neighbour and friend- Nancy, shamed me into it.
Yes folks, the old chestnut- namely "men died in two wars so we could be free", did me in.
I thought of my Dad.
So Tom and I walked a few blocks to the polling station and voted.
Did you know a "husband and husband" or "wife and husband" or "wife and wife" cannot
approach the "returning officer" at the same time to have name and address checked?
That's what I was told.
I guess we created a stir because we were saying hello to poll clerks and returning officers we knew- as well as neighbours in line, causing the "lady" at our poll to suggest the supervisior might have to come over.
What the Fuck?
Old biddy.
She says to Tom- "Well you wouldn't want your wife to know how you voted."
"I don't have a wife!"- says Tom, "I have a husband!"

I mean really! Gay marriage was legal in Ontario before it was federally and this women still thinks everything is Husband and Wife?
Another generation. Old ideas.
Give me strength.
At least I voted. Why I am still not sure.
Below is the original ROBBLOG.


So are you voting on Thursday?

It’s a privilege to do so and you’re right as a true north proud and free Canadian and Ontarian. Now you ask me?
Rob, are you voting on Thursday?
My answer: Nope.
This is the first time since I have been able to vote that I have no interest.
It’s a combination of reasons.
Nobody has knocked on my door to convince me to vote for them. Yes, I’ve received mailouts but they go right into recycle. I’ve seen ads in the papers but I just compare size or location or wonder how much the candidate paid for such newspaper exposure.
Here in Simcoe North it’s a forgone conclusion the Progressive Conservatives will win. Only once in my memory has the Blue tide turned Red and that was during a couple of terms when Paul Devilliers was MPP. However, that was federally.
Provincially, I don’t believe this riding has ever gone red or orange- even green (not by a longshot). It’s always been true blue. I’m tired of making the effort to seek change. No by gosh, this time around I have decided to abide in the percentile of “undecided voters” or more specifically- “voters who don’t give a great goddamn”.
I know. I know. If I don’t vote I have no reason to complain.
So I won’t. What’s the sense?
In Toronto Liberal supporters are having their homes spray painted with such things as “Lieberal Scum”.
Some “Canadian Values” group is accusing Dalton McGuinty of suggesting six year olds should cross-dress as part of their sex education in grade 1. Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak supports the group’s efforts.
People are voting NDP in Jack Layton’s memory- even though Andrea has said- “Stop it people! It’s just not the same thing!”
Remember, we’re voting for provincial NDP Candidates in this election. Not Federal candidates, where Jack won the opposition status in the House of Commons
Nasty commercials on TV have done me in too.
Bad pictures of Dalton- in black and white no less.
Re-hashing the same old saliva- C’mon HST?
The federal Reform/Alliance/Conservative Party suggested that McGuinty mesh the PST and GST together. The Harper Government… that’s what Stephen wants us to call them. Not the Canadian Government anymore. The Harper Government gave Ontario a few dollars to send to us taxpayers to keep us happy.
I understand that business likes the HST idea. Others harp about it constantly.
I mean constantly!
B.C got rid of the combined taxes but even so, they still have to pay the GST.
Remember the Cons were the ones that brought the HST to Canadians in the first place.
I digress.

So this time around I am sitting on the guidelines. As if my vote counts here in S.N.
I hear you-
“But it does Rob. Every vote counts!”
Okay. Okay!
If I should go to the polling booth at that 25 million dollar school they built a couple of years back what shall I do?
By the way, that’s the public school- in the second year after opening, where one sees a wooden portable outside the 25 million dollar building because the damned school is too small already.
Here’s what I could do. I could just write in my own name.
Yes, the ballot would be considered destroyed but why should it? I am a Canadian voting for a Canadian- Me, in a provincial election.
All right, so I didn’t file any papers but really does anyone give a flying Fuck?
At least it would mean I voted- right?
So, have fun on Thursday and put your “X” where you’ll think it’ll do the most good.
Oh and if you’re not voting Progressive Conservative here in Simcoe North you might just as well take that stubby, little wood pencil and shove it up your ass.

If they ask you what you did with the pencil just say- “I haven’t the foggiest and walk out of that polling station the same way you came in- with your head held high and a bit of a wooden spring- or sliver, in your step!