Thursday, September 15, 2011

ROBBLOG #317 W E E K E N D Edition

Boy it’s been a busy week for Swisssh Radio. ( 

I decided back in August I would produce- as well as receive from other stations, some new shows for airing at various times throughout the week. I have done that but now two “live” shows have hit the Swisssh Radio airwaves at too! 

The “live” shows include- “The Chuck Show” with Charles E. McLachlan, Tuesday at 9PM (ET). I am sort of the co-host/producer.  Chuck and I chat and play music and chat some more. Charles is good at “gabbing” and he certainly has some “different” subjects for us to talk about.
I am constantly saying- “Where do you find this stuff?”
It makes for a two hours of entertaining Radio! 

The other “live” show is with my good friend and radio person- Heather Thompson. It’s called The Morning Show at Night.
Well, I used to host the morning show with Heather occasionally on EZ Rock, LITE FM and Jack FM. We always had fun- except for the part about getting up so freakin’ early in the morning. Doing a new “morning” show at night is a novel way of bypassing the early morning getup call. Of course- that’s when most morning radio shows are heard.
We are just different that’s all. Heather does a newscast at the half way point.
All Good News.
Light stuff.
Our first show on Thursday got a lot of e-mails and texts. 

Other shows include “Jeff and Sue In Our Cups…Again”. Years ago these two were on the Classical Music Station out of Coburg- before Moses came to the “promised land”- a few years after the station had moved to Toronto. They have a variety of topics. One for each segment. It’s worth a listen Sunday Mornings at 11am (ET) with coffee in hand. Their show is repeated- the norm on Net Radio, Tuesday’s at 8pm.

One other newbie is Johnny Maraca’s Rock and Roll Riot- a show that up until a couple of weeks ago aired on terrestrial radio.
They bumped Johnny!
Swisssh Radio picked him up.
The show is a fantastic mixture of upbeat music and background on the tunes he plays.
You know- rock-a-billy and early stuff before Rock and Roll was called Rock and Roll. Johnny does a great job and we are fortunate to have him on Swisssh Radio! 

Of course my good friend Don Andrews keeps the “live” programming going Monday through Wednesday nights from 11 pm until 1am (ET) with his ”Studio B After Dark”. It’s a great way to wind down after a busy, stressful day. So, take a book and Studio B to bed with you. You’ll be sure to have “Sweet Dreams”. 

All the show details and more are on the Swisssh Radio Website at
Listen to Swisssh Radio though our website. 

Go to your Windows Media Player. Look for the Internet Radio Tab along the top right of the Player and search Swisssh Radio. 

On iTunes we are under radio and Oldies. has a great app for listening to Swisssh Radio and we are also on their website. Just search for us. also hosts the Swisssh Streams. If you have any questions about “How to listen” just e-mail us at 

Thanks for listening and if you never have- give us a listen. 

You’ll be pleasantly surprized!