Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Const. Gerry Dwyer of the Orillia OPP says :

“Two customers (aged 53 and 26) entered the Severn Bridge hunting supply store (Ellwood Epps) at 10 a.m. Wednesday morning with a long gun. The 53-year-old placed the firearm on the counter and it discharged, striking the 26-year-old in the stomach and a 66-year-old employee in both arms."

God Bless those Conservatives who love their guns!

Once upon a time, a Conservative-I’m guessing here, pointed out the basic differences between Liberals and Tories by sending out a little quiz. The quiz was supposed to open eyes- Liberal eyes, to the utter ridiculousness of being something other than a Con. The quiz stated, in part:

“If a Conservative doesn't like guns, he doesn't buy one.
If a Liberal doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.” Which are you?

So, that’s how it goes? However, even if a Tory doesn’t like a gun and doesn’t own one, a Tory still believes everyone should be able to covet one.

Isn’t that correct?

Of course, the sender neglected to mention that Cons still want the Gun Registry scrapped. Yes sir, every gal and guy- I mean Canadian gun lover, who is able to vote should also likewise be able to tote around a gun in the back of their pickup or Cadillac. It seems fair. Equality for one and all.

Shit! That sounds pretty Liberal- up to a point, if you ask me. The “everyone” part, I mean.

It takes big gonads to carry around a gun but you never know when you’ll need to blast someone’s head off for cutting you off at a corner or running a red light or shoving their shopping cart into your Caddy at Wal*Mart. Happens from time to time in the “You ‘s’ of Eh, I understand.

A different scenario: There might even come a time when you may need to put your faithful black lab to sleep. What better and kinder way that to drag the old girl to the basement, haul out your long gun and shoot the bitch right between the eyes?That “person” has a Garfield Dunlop- Ontario PC sign, on their lawn today.Hmmm. Drives a truck too.

‘Course you have to protect yourself and your family, especially if you find yourself passing through A questionable area or neighbourhood . Good Gawd, someone might try to steal your stuff as you drivealong the street. Keeping a gun handy under the front seat? Why it should be as natural as spreading peanut butter on toast.

So, not in the once upon a time world but the real world, another human gets shot for no reason- except there was a gun present. Listen, I understand while the police were investigating the shooting, customers could be heard banging and cocking out back of the store in the shooting range.

Funny, eh?

As Dame Clare Voyant has been known to say:
You just got to laugh sometimes- Don't you?
I mean- don't you.