Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I plan on this being a short RobBlog today.
It's departure time today from Honolulu International back to Toronto.
A long travel day- actually overnight- and 6 hours time change.
The flight on Air Canada leaves at 830PM here in Honolulu and we get back into Toronto at 230PM Wednesday.

Another beautiful day here in Paradise. It's morning walk time when I finish this blog.
The past couple of days have been fun. We spent Sunday afternoon at the Honolulu Zoo just a few steps from where we are staying. The Savanah exibit was interesting. Zebras, Giraffes, Rhino and an exhibit of  9 exhuberant chimps. It was an interesting few hours. It's been more than 10 yeasr since we visited the zoo.

We watched the sunset Sunday night from Waikiki Beach.  Sunsets are far from spectacular most of the time- at least on Oahu. The sunsets are much more colourful back home. However, throngs of people wait with great anticipation to catch a few blues and yellows as the sun sinks into the warm South Pacific waters.

By the way South Pacific was filmed here on a Northern Beach decades ago. You will also remember that Tom Selleck's Magnum P.I. was shot just outside Waikiki at places such as the Kahala Hilton and Makapuu. I believe they are finished filming the final season of  Lost a current TV series, also being shot on the North Shore. I hear a new version of Hawaii-Five-O is cin production on Oahua.. "Book 'em- Danno!"

Monday was a beach day in mid afternoon almost until the sun set.

There have been a few evening showers over the past few nights. Sometimes, over night. Saturday and Sunday in mid-eveing. Nothing much but people still run and duck for cover.

So my friends this is going to be Aloha from Hawaii.
It's been fun and truly restful.
Back to a normal life when I get back to Toronto and eventually Orillia on Wednesday.

Aloha and Mahalo from Honolulu and the Island of Oahu.

Have a great one!