Sunday, April 4, 2010

Aloha and Happy Easter!
Here in Hawaii the Easter Bunny doesn't just "hop" around the islands- she surfs!!
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Now, most people just believe Tom and I are here in Honolulu on vacation. However, friends and family know that we are here for a much more important reason.
No, we are not buying property here.
Uncle Sam isn't that interested in having Canuks move here- unless they are rich.
Which we are not.

No, there is another reason.
25 years ago on April 4th 1985, I was on my way to Honolulu on vacation. I was about to abruptly end a relationship- from Hell, that I had been in for 3 and a half years. I had been preparing for the breakup.
Without going into a long story here, suffice to say, the breakup would be initited by me.
Possibly in Hawaii.
Maybe when I was back home.
As it turned out- it was in Hawaii.

You see, all I wanted to do was be on my own. Start life anew.
That wasn't in the cards however. At least the being on my own part.
On the way from Toronto to Honolulu, I met someone.
He was "working the flight".
Meaning- in airline lingo, he was a Flight Attendent- for Wardair- an airine that would eventually employ me as well.

Well, my heart skipped a beat when I first laid eyes on him and now 25 years to the day, Tom and I are celebrating our 25th Anniversary right here where it all began- in Honolulu, Hawaii.
As well, four years ago this very date in front of more than 100 guests, we officially tied the knot in a "Black and White" wedding in Orillia.

We have been to Hawaii many times since our first meeting but we have come back a quarter of a century later to  re-live a couple of things and to do some new things too- like today's walking to and from Diamond Head from our condo and navigating a path to the top of the crater that took more than an hour and a half to complete.
Me in thongs and no proper walking attire- let alone hiking shoes.

This is our Theatrical Group- The Garage Door Players. Tom's in the back row- right. Me-centre. Back row.

So, I want everyone to know- including my Tom, that I love him more than ever. Oh sure, we have disagreements like any couple who have been together for two and a half decades, but it's all in a day being in a relationship. We have a wonderful home. Beautiful pets- both past and present. A close circle of supporting, loving friends and family.
I can't complain.
I can't wish for more.
I mean for goodness sakes here we are in Hawaii- five time zones away, something that most peple don't get to do once in their lifetime, let alone as many times as we have.

We have a Sunday Dinner planned- even though being Easter Sunday, we know restaurants will be jammed.
We have to have our picture taken on the steps leading into the Royal Hawaiian Hotel off Waikiki Beach, where one of our first pictures- together, was taken 25 years ago. We plan to frame it and hang it alongside the original pose. I wonder who will take the picture for us. Someone we'll meet at the Royal Hawaiian today.

So, that is why we are here in Hawaii in April of 2010.
To remember.
To celebrate all that we have together- which is more than I could ever put into words in this Blog.

I thank my lucky stars and Tom- my husband, that I have been so fortunate these past 25 years.
Here's a toast to our future Thomas:
"May we have years of love, companionship and togetherness for all the days of our lives and beyond.  Mahalo".

Happy 25th Anniversary- to us!!!

from Hawaii.