Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

People. People. People. “Fish Fraud?” The up-to-now squeaky clean Perch Festival almost stepped in a stinking pile of “fish fraud”. The culprit came clean however. He had an attack of conscience of the scales- after the fact. Book ‘em Danno? Nope. They let him off the “hook”!

Good God I dislike that Mars Bar commercial on Television. That’s the one where everyone in the street sings a Mars Bar song. From now on it’s Snickers for me. Please, NO singing in the street.

Saw a couple of unexpectedly funny, bright shows on CBC last night. First up “The B Team”. Dialogue and jokes as fast as a snap of the fingers. All about the Canadian Intelligence Agency and a “squad” of quirky characters. The second sitcom- with a laugh track no less, starred Ryan Stiles- that Canuk from the Drew Carey Show and Two and a Half Men, in a shoe called Memory Lanes. Two estranged brothers (Sean Masterson is the other brother) inherit a Bowling Alley from their late father. Surprize, surprise, Memory Lanes also stars Janet Wright- a familiar face from Corner Gas. Nice that many of those former Corner Gas stars are working again.

The Ossawippi Express Dining Cars are no more. Terry McNaughton has allowed the lakefront “shrine to gourmet food” go “chicken breast up”! Too bad- but being the owner of any establishment serving food is tough-especially during this past so-called recession. I would hazard a guess that problems at The Oss started a year or so before the economic slowdown reared it’s ugly head. Good memories though. We had many, many sold out Garage Door Players’ Shows during our four-plus years of entertaining on those train cars. Speaking on behalf of the many incarnations of the Players, we were grateful for the opportunity to entertain in the dead of winter no less and to sell out. Amazing!

There’s another memory at the Ossawippi that will never fade. Tom and I were “officially” married there four years ago. It was a wonderful evening and one many of our guests still brag about. Heck, I still brag about that auspicious day. I even carried my marriage licence to Hawaii earlier this month, tucking it neatly inside my passport wallet. I was itching to pull it out and show it to Customs and Immigration Officers and say- “see!”
I never had the opportunity.

Ten self-employed businessmen now hold a new record! Yes indeedy do! 10 men at various stages of life were arrested Sunday afternoon in the east end for a Mary-Jane Grow Op. Another Orillia home that will have to be torn down. In Orillia we don’t have that “big” of an “east end”. It’s mostly lake, so I can “hazard” a guess where the growing conditions are suitable for pot. Do these guys realize it’ll be on their police and RCMP record for a long time- maybe forever?
Say goodbye to visiting other countries boys. They don’t want ya- and quite frankly-neither do we.

Have a wonderful, drug-free day kids! Like they say-
“Why do you think they call it dope?”