Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am home.
Three words.
Reality that gives you a backhander, right in the face! More on that further down.
After being up for 27 hours, my husband and I have made the trek from Hawaii. The splendor of that island and just getting away recharges the batteries. It seems so long ago that we travelled first to Vancouver where we each had to meet gruffy U.S. Immigration officers who treated us like villans- even though all we wanted to do was be a guest in their country and spend our "at par" Canadian Dollars. Thank Goodness two Vancouver Airport Employees- who were re-directing passengers claiming luggage to enter the States, told us to fill in separate Immigration forms.
They said- "The Americans-specifically the custom and immigration officers, just don't get it- specifically the "Gay Marriage" aspect. They told us to save the heartache and go through separately. I had a copy of our marriage certificate with us- just in case.

I guess the question is- do you lie or tell the truth to these officers. Thankfully, it didn't come up. They just asked me a couple of brisk questions. One was- " Are you carrying any fruit?"
I just let that one pass.
It was too easy.
He peered at my passport a couple of times- like I was someone less-than-worthy to enter his country and waved me on.
I didn't tell him to have a nice day.

Coming back to Canada- even though it was a very early Vancouver morning, both the Canadian Immigration and Customs officer still smiled and made you feel like a person.
A Canadian.
We filled out one card- my husband and I, and passed it to the officers. Not even a blink of an eye.
It's at time like these you know and appreciate what being Canadan is all about. As soon as one steps onto the Air Canada aircraft, one breathes a sigh of relief- ahhhh. Canada.
It just feels and looks different. The flight and crews were all top notch. we made some new friends.

So. Home again. Safe in the house.
Five seconds through the door and we find that our Yellow Lab "Kiki" has been sick and had to go to the vet last week. She is doing better.
Then we find that Tom's Dad is in Sunnybrook.
He's on a bed in the hallway since there's no room for him. Tom whisked off to Toronto today to see what's up. The nurses he talked to on the phone last night and this morning were less than helpful.
It only takes a moment and then reality backhands you in the face.

Add this to a couple of other items on the back-to-life list and it makes me want to go far, far away- screaming as I run.

To tell you the truth. Reality sucks.
We are rested. We needed this short time away. We had to celebrate 25 years of life- together. If you want the story, look back in the blog list at the bottom right of my page. Dated April 4th. I'll tell a few more stories in the coming days.

We have some "tan" on our skin. That's the little bit of sunshine that could creep through 15 and 30 sunblock . However, after a couple of loads of laundry. Dragging garbage to the curb and re-filling the bird feeders, it's as if we never left.

Have a great day!