Friday, April 9, 2010

Day two of being in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone.
Yesterday was what? Thursday?
I'll call it "buzz-day". That's what happens when you leave Hawaiian Standard Time and travel across Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern Time Zones- all in one day.
Guess as I get older, jet lag is more difficult to deal with. I napped yesterday afternoon after I gave up trying to stay awake. That lasted about 20 minutes until the phone rang. Tom telling me he was taking his Dad home from a two day hospital stay. A relief.
I gave up snoozing after that.
Then about 1130 last night I was wide awake. I managed to get to bed at 0200 but laid awake for a long while, thinking about everything under the sun- or moon as it were.

So, here I am Friday morning. I have uploaded weekend programming to Swisssh Radio. Inserted some CBC Newscasts to cover the morning run and talked with Don Andrews- via e-mail, at Studio B/Humboldt 101. I have also heard that my Internet Radio colleague Russ Horton at D-Moos Radio in Georgetown/Halton Hills has been having trouble with the programme that runs D-Moos Radio. Todd from Radio That Doesn't Suck e-mailed this morning to tell me of Russ's woes. I e-mailed Russ- since he uses the same on-air programme as Swisssh Radio, to offer help. Haven't heard back yet. It's a real pain in the patootey when a radio programme goes wrong. Hopefully Russ will be back on air soon.

On a completely different topic, over the years I have become a fan of the series "Ugly Betty". The writing is usually sharp and brisk. The show moves along like a steaming locomotive. Unfortunately the show haas been cancelled with the last few episodes are airing now. Last night I caught up with two shows that I missed while in Hawaii- the advantage of having Rogers on Demand that allows programming to be stock-piled to be viewed at one's leisure. Now having said that the shows move at a nice click, I must say the show where Betty heads to London-sans braces, was a bit of a slow go. It just wasn't up to par for the most part. Then, the show that followed encompassing her sister's wedding was fabulous. The story-line about her brother wanting to come out- formally, when everone really know's he's Gay, was touching. I had tears drrzzling down my tanned, jet-lagged cheeks.
Nice writing. Empathetic. Bright. Touching. Funny.
Guess there's only a couple of shows to go.

I also have to catch up with Republic of Doyle. Two shows missed there too. Another bright, fast moving, funny show that is set on The Rock- Newfoundland, St. John's specifically. I think I have to watch that online since the CBC doesn't seem to allow Rogers to store that one "on demand".

Come to think of it, all the while in Hawaii Tom and I never turned on the TV once. The only at-home habit we carried to the islands was checking e-mail on the computer, reading The Star and the Packet Online and listening to Swisssh Radio. Swisssh stayed on in the condo all day, whether we were in the room or not. A bit of "home" in the warm South Pacific air.

So, the weekend is ahead. We will have a "constructive" one. A friend is coming to frame in the space and construct a new drawer to fit in a new wall oven and refrigerator that arrives next week. That will be followed by a call to our friend and painter extraordinaire- Fran, to have cupboards painted and an estimate done on a paint job for another room.
We are also are having a new floor laid in a bedroom- we've had the flooring stored inside for more than a year. Finally, some new boards will be replaced on the lower deck.
After that, the "to do" list says assemble a new Bar B Que and gazebo on the deck. Thank goodness the weather is to improve again and be warm and sunny over the next week.

Have a good one!