Monday, April 12, 2010

Another weekend. Fairly descent weather.
Oh, not what you folks saw on Easter Weekend when we were in Hawaii- but a descent couple of days.

I had wanted to put a new Bar B Q together.
It didn't get done.
I wanted to assemble a new gazebo for the deck.
It didn't happen.
What did happen was some renovation. Part of our kitchen was torn apart by our friend Cary- and there's more to come. We have both a new wall oven and a fancy-dancy refrigerator being delivered this week and we needed to make some changes so both appliances will fit snuggly into our galley kitchen.

One thing led to another.
We had a couple of new electical outlets installed and we are moving a cupboard or two.
It'll give the kitchen a bit of a "new" look. For one thing after 16 years of living in Pine Tree House, all our appliances will match! I'll be calling our friend Fran to see if she can slap a coat of paint on the old cupboards to simulate a "new" look. Hopefully she can. Fran is so good at what she does. She's a paint goddess!

If everything proceeds the way it should, appliances arrive Thursday and Cary comes back Saturday to do the install and move the cupboard. I have to do a bit of painting this week in the spot where the cupboard used to be. I think I have just enough paint left over from the initial paint job to cover the 4 by 4 bare wall. I hope the paint is still in good condition under the cap of the plastic bottle where it's been kept these past few years....

The sun's shining bright today, so maybe I can get a head start on the gazebo frame- if I can convince Tom to help. The old framework has been there for years. It has to be dis-assembled first before the new one can take it's place. I won't install the cover for another week or so but at least the framework will be in place.
There's also a bit of yardwork to be finished. I broke down some bamboo and "hid" it behind the "Shed-Mahal" a few weeks back.
That's what we call our gigantic garden shed. It's like a small cottage, really.
So, I'll stash the bamboo in a few yard bags, rake some leaves at the rear of the yard and that'll be it.

Oh yes, I also have John Bleasby from The Huronia Players dropping by the Swisssh Radio Studio today to record a new commercial for the troupe's spring stage show- "Renovations".

Monday and a list as long as your arm.
Hmmm. I think I long for the "nothing-to-do" lifestyle of vacationing in Hawaii.
To the right is a picture- taken by Tom, of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The second oldest on the Island of Oahu. A beautiful pinky-coral coloured landmark with pristine gardens and grass- right on Waikiki Beach in the heart of Waikiki.

Have a great day!