Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Ash continues to fall and there's no telling when flights to and from Europe and Great Britain will return to normal. That means I am still a "single" man until my Tom gets home.
It's frustrating. Moreso for him.
He's in a hotel with all the other crews, just outside Frankfurst in Mainz.
They are making the best of it.
Morning breakfasts in the hotel.
Excursions here and there in the day.
Evening dinners.
In between they have been washing socks, tee shirts and poo poo undies- as Elizabeth call's the Monster's undergarments in 'Young Frankenstein"  the Movie version.

It's a funny feeling this waiting. Everything is on hold. Household decisions. Planning for the immediate future and more.
Unless a ship is sent out for the Air Canada crews I can't see an early homecoming.
I have to say it-it's like Air Canada doesn't give a damn. They haven't called me to say what's up.
I suppose they figure individual crew members will do that on their own. It would be nice to know what they're thinking and what the short-term and long-term goals are for the company.
Maybe there will be more today.
Mother nature is holding the earth and it's inhabitants "captive".

Elsewhere. What is this "spitting" thing all about? Young men and women walking along the streets spitting and hocking up on sidewalks and gardens. A kid yesterday send a huge gob of mucus earth-ward (disgusting- sorry) right into my garden. I must remmeber not to step there barefoot. What a disgusting habit. Where did it start? Does some movie character or rock star spit? Has it been endorsed by video games or what?
STOP IT. Please. NOW!

Talking about young people. I walked the dogs past ODCVI- just a block away in my neighourhood, last night. Now we have always been blessed with litter from both the public school and high school for the past 16 years- living here in close proximity- but I have to say the litter in ditches and along the street near the high school is digusting. It's everywhere. Bottles, chip bags, french fry containers.
STOP IT. Please.NOW. Use the garbage bins.

Then, when you get close to the school's doors, it's a sea of cigarette buts, more litter and bare grass. When I attended that same High School in the 60's gardens were tended, lawns manicured and walkways were free of litter and butts. I am sure there were butts at Frosty's across West Street, since that's where the smokers had to congregate. I can't believe the school board doesn't care for the property. Maybe small fences could designate lawn and garden areas. To help the students decifer where they should walk and where they should not.
Maybe the offending stuents could be nailed to the trees along Borland street where they could look down upon the desicrated lawns and gardens- and ciggie buts- to have a good think about what they are doing to the environment at the school. (disgusting- I know. Sorry)
Now, I know all the students aren't "litter buggers" because if each and every one littered equally, you wouldn't see anything but garabage on every square inch of property. There has to be a solution.
Maybe a neighbourhood committee should be formed to send a letter or make a personal visit to the Principal. Perhaps speak at an assembly.
Ideas anyone?

Have a nice day. Here's hoping the ash stops. Today.