Monday, October 2, 2017


A cool, sunny start to the week here in the Cowichan.

We dipped to 5c overnight but 17c and Sunny today and a week of non-stop sunshine is ahead. I am told that come mid-October the weather will become damper. Keep in mind that this area of the Island has less rain than Toronto and Miami, so I am looking forward to the green all winter and of course cutting the grass in February.

Tom and I have had quite the story in the past 6 weeks and not all happy all the time. You remember we lost our big boy Doyle back at a Winnipeg KOA Campground on August 17th. We are still hoping for a miracle and I check the Lost Cat Facebook Pages in Winnipeg daily- sometimes twice a day. One of these days an orange tabby will answer to Doyle's description. I know the Universe is testing us.
Okay Universe, you can ease back now.

To add to our Island story, as you may know, our new house was further delayed until mid- November, although we hope it might be occupied by us a week or so earlier. Ya gotta have hope kids!

We had to trade in the Swissshmobile for a new Dodge Grand Caravan- an expense that wasn't in the budget. Priscilla- the RV that took us across the country and became our home for 30+ days, is now for sale at Arbutus RV in Nanaimo.

Presently, we are living comfortably in a "granny-suite" in Duncan about a 5 minute walk to downtown. Donna- our landmistress, is terrific and we get to look out over her wonderful English-Style garden with horses neighing and stomping just over the fence.

Our Doorway on Cedar Avenue
I tell you all this again because I want you to know that this is "our" story. You may be saying- " this move to the Island does not seem so great for Rob & Tom after all". However, this is all about a short period of time- just over a month. For the most part it's been smooth sailing. Yes, the waiting is not much fun. We'd like to be in our new house arranging furniture, hanging pictures and asking new Island friends over for coffee or martinis.
That will come.
In the meantime, if you have plans for a westward trek or my Blogs are leading you in that direction I say you have to take a chance. It's a big chance and it's a big, big change. You leave behind what you know and are comfortable with- not an easy thing to do.
I will say people here are very friendly and helpful. They know about and are living the benefits of the Island Life.
Weather. Air. Community Events. People. The Ocean. Mountains.
It's all here.

Tom standing almost at the top of  "91 steps"
 leading down to a park and The Cowichan Lawn Bowling facility.
This is a couple of blocks from us off Government Street in Duncan
I was checking out at Winners yesterday and I pass the cashier my Winners loyalty card.
"I hope this works outside of Ontario. We just moved to the Island"- I offer before passing over the card.
"Ontario?"- she says, "I've just moved from Ontario too. Thunder Bay."

This happens frequently here. The next question between former Ontarians is this-
"Why did you move here?"
Usually it's Family or Weather. Most often weather.
"How long have you been here?"
The Thunder Bay Winners gal says- "I came in June."
I say- "we bought in February and landed off the ferry on August 22nd!"

Do your homework.
If you have a yearning to come to the Island, I would say come and rent for a month or two. Get to know the area and the neighbourhoods. Then, look for a place to live- permanently. Much can be gleaned online but much has to be seen in person, Most folks are transplants. I could count on two hands the number of "born on the Island" folks we have met.

Right out of a BBC Serial.
 A Guide Hall just a couple of blocks from our house. How quaint.
Of course, if you have to work that is another consideration.
Oh, speaking of such, a local terrestrial radio station is supposed to be getting in touch with me all because a new Island friend knows someone who knows someone...
You know how that goes.
It may never happen but I am told they are looking for announcers at three stations.
Would I leave Swisssh and Starlite for a terrestrial job that pays?
Probably not.
Usually a radio station- at least in Ontario, would prefer to have someone less than 66 years of age-but it's nice to be asked to the dance again.
Never say never.

Finally, it's the week before Thanksgiving.
Hard to believe. It was only August yesterday...
Tom and I have an invite for Thanksgiving Dinner, so don't cry for us Argentina. We will be with new friends not far from where we currently live.

How nice.