Friday, October 20, 2017

ROBBLOG #664 W E E K E N D Edition

Another week gone bye...and here we sit.

Not that where my Husband and I are living here on Vancouver Island in Canada's most western province isn't fairly comfortable but if I had a wagon, a horse and wore a bandana on my head, I'd sing a gypsy tune, cast a dark spell and place a curse on Patrick Brown's enormous nose.

Yup, I now know what a gypsy lifestyle is all about.
It entails travelling across the country from place to place. Camping here and there. Shopping at tiny Wal-Marts in places like Dryden. ~bletch~
We've been living in a vacuum (that's my Cousin Jude's term) these past 60 some days and we still have just short of 30 days to go before we take possession of our new home that we are calling "Palm Villa".

Cute eh?
Palm Villa. That's what we're calling the new place.
Well, after Pine Tree House where else could we go with a name? You build a new place. Plant a palm tree- or two, a yucca plant and a laurel hedge and presto chango- "Palm Villa".

Now you might be saying out loud-
"Rob, how can you even think to plant a tropical palm in November or December even?"

Because I can. The Island offers that opportunity.
"Opportunity?" you say...

For instance, when you go to Canadian Tire here in Duncan or a local garden centre such as Dinter Nursery, you'll find the greenhouse is still open and plants are thriving.
Japanese Maples. Yuccas. English Laurel. Portuguese Laurel and a bunch of plants that grow year-round and stay green too- year round! Plants such as Heather, Wintergreen, Bamboo, Rhododendrons and Holly.

But enough about Island greenery.
You have to have land in order to plant any of the plants I mentioned above and that is something we lack- for now- but in a month or two we'll laugh at our present situation...
We will....won't we?

Now, some of you back in Ontario have been telling me that your temperatures are still on the nice side and your days are filled with warmth and gentle autumn sunshine.
Enjoy it.
I know and you know it won't last.
Your temperatures will soon start to plummet. Snowflakes will fill the air. Ice will cover your car windshields and slush will get tracked in on your new hall rug.
Whereas here- on the Island in the Cowichan Valley, our temperatures will moderate and pretty much stay on the mild side throughout the coming months.
Would this be a good time to mention we not only have green grass in January and February but we have to cut it as well?
Oh Dear.
Now I've gone too far, haven't I....

So, as I said off the top of this ROBBLOG, another week has gone by and we sit with dreams of sugarplums- or at the very least new flooring and a cozy fireplace, dancing in our heads.