Wednesday, October 11, 2017


The first reported earthquake since being an Island Boy.

2:26am Wednesday October 11, 2017. 170 km out in the Pacific- west of Tofino, then down so many metres. No shakes and shivers here in the Cowichan but I have added Emergency Info BC to my Twitter account.
One never knows.
I do know, we have to have Earthquake Insurance here on the Island.

I was up "gawd-awful" early today.
I had my eye doctor appointment. Drops in my eyes to dilate my pupils so I can be checked for glaucoma. My Grandmother- my Dad's Mum, had it, so I have been checked these past 5 years or more. There are signs it is there- especially in my left eye, however, I am not on drops yet. I return in another six months.
Just a note here. If there is glaucoma in your family history go to an Optometrist to be checked. The Optometrist can send you to a specialist if need be.
You need to catch this early.


I was a bit taken aback earlier this morning when I read that actor Terry Crews had been sexually assaulted. He is a mountain of a man. Muscles on top of muscles. He stars in the TV show Brooklyn 99- a funny show and a funny guy and totally into Jesus and the whole "saviour" complex.
Cripes! Who would have guessed?
Now, I am not into a lot of muscle.
Why I am sharing that- I am not sure...
I appreciate how he looks and I am amazed at how tight the wardrobe department is able to make both his shirts and slacks without him popping buttons and seams.
Anyway, apparently he was "grabbed in the swanstucker area" (pronounced: swan-stooker) at a Hollywood party in recent years by a big Hollywood Executive.
Terry Crews.
I should imagine a lot of drink was behind it but it is still not right. I guess he turned the other cheek. Lucky for this executive he didn't find himself flat on his back at the end of one of Mr. Crews massive fists.
Creeps are everywhere and it appears with other current new stories, Hollywood still has it's quota of lecherous men and women too.
We have all heard stories of the "Casting Couch".

Oh, this brings up a question.
Was it alright that I wanted to take Hugh Jackman and press his gorgeous face and hunky body to mine when I met him at the stage door of the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto a few years back?
Is that bad of me?
I mean my Husband Tom was right beside me and snapped a couple of photos, so there was nothing dirty going on.
I mean I guess I thought dirty thoughts but I was a gentleman.
Ok...I giggled and blushed like a little schoolgirl but still...was I being a bad boy?

Mr. Hugh Jackman signing a DVD cover for me.
He wouldn't sign my left pectoral...
Meanwhile, here on the Island we had a nice afternoon and dinner yesterday with our sister-in-law Gudrun. We chatted and laughed and toured her around our new build. It was a terrific afternoon weather-wise but warm autumn sunshine gave way to frost on the grass this morning. Temps got quite cool overnight but they are rebounding to the teens again today- with more Island Sunshine.

Gudrun & Us
Our house is moving right along. We worked with the Interior Design Consultant Joanne yesterday going over our paint colour choices for inside the house. Then, we dropped into both the Benjamin Moore paint store and Dulux paints to grab some colour chips.
Good Gosh, we must be getting close to possession!
Painting then flooring then cabinetry and finally light fixtures. All have been chosen and awaiting their turn at installation.
Me-thinks and me-hopes we might get in a bit earlier than the proposed Nov 16 date?
Fingers and toes are all crossed.

Colourful later afternoon clouds
over Mount Prevost and our new house
Looking forward to hearing about your first snow on the ground back east when that happens- and it will happen.
Heh. Heh.

Have a good one and if you get a chance sometime in your busy day, Gudrun said I am to ask you to put a good thought out to the universe.
Ask Saint Antonius to help us find our boy Doyle and return him safely to us.
Any port in a storm.....