Monday, October 30, 2017


Today a Blog of thank you's....mostly insincere. Some very sincere.

Top of the heap in thanks goes to Kevin spacey.
Thanks Kevin for coming out of the closet and for telling us something we didn't know already years ago. I mean c'mon Kevin.
No. Really?
I mean really....

"I used tah like that Kevin fellah Blanche. So, he's a big ole Homo these days, eh?"
"Oh Jane...I do believe he always was..."
"Even when he was Bobby Darin?"
"Yes Jane Dear, even then."
"Huh...ya don't say?"
Second thanks also goes to Mr. Spacey for linking homosexuality (being Gay) to being a pedophile.
He was 26 when apparently in a drunken stupor he sashayed into his bedroom where 14 year old Anthony Rapp- not yet a "star" was watching television. Tony had pooped out at the party Kevin was hosting and decided to watch the tube. Anthony by the way, is the red-haired actor from Rent- both on Broadway and in the Movie version.

So hennaway, Kevin- remember he was shit-faced, flung himself on top of Anthony.
Now, if it were me, I'd have to be shitfaced- really shitfaced, plus in a drunken stupor to even want Kevin Spacey to jump my bones. Of course, this 14 year old apparently didn't have the choice to be jumped and humped whether sober or pissed. That's the bad part.

Boy, the Baptists will all be saying-
"Told ya so. Told ya so. Homosexuals and pedophilia."
They'll have a field day!
Of course the Catholics will be saying-
"At least this time, it's NOT us!"

Thanks thirdly to "Just Me" for never letting myself get piss-eyed drunk and jump on anyone. Anyway, like Kevin, I probably wouldn't remember.
That's my story and I am sticking to it- unless there's a book deal involved.

In my dream world, I can imagine being in the same room- or grass hut, as Mr. Hugh Jackman and comfortably numb- thanks to Vodka (thanks number four). I'd let nature take its course...
That's Okay- isn't it? If it's nature doing the deed?
Me being just a little numb and Hugh being a little number than me and taking me- as Pat Hervey sang in the 1960's- to "Heaven For A While".
That's Okay- right?

Hugh. Place a big ~sigh~ here.
A fifth thanks to our builder and his associates who after total delays of 4 and 1/2 months since February of this year, doesn't seem willing to build a huge fire- or fires, under someone's ass- or asses, just to get us into our new house a few days earlier. Now, we are running into the problem of the mover- who has our furniture stored "up island" in Nanaimo, being just too busy at the end of the month of November to move us!

Number of favours we have received from that builder since February 2017?
Bet you were gonna say "six"!!
All favours cost money.

Number of thanks we have offered to workers?
We even thanked the guy laying our floors today.
"Hey, thanks for doing such a great job on your floors!"- I said.
"They're YOUR Floors!" He says to me smiling.
"Ya butt...if you didn't install OUR floors they wouldn't look this good.
He smiled...

We thanked Jason the Trim Guy- and quietly thanks his biceps, for the beautiful trim work he is doing. Makes the wall colour pop and the finished interior look amazing.

Finally, a true thanks to Islanders who are always aware than one wants to cross the street or is even contemplating crossing when not quite at the crosswalk.

Thanks too for the friendly waves when a fellow driver waves you out of a parking lot into an opening in traffic. It's either fantastic ESP or just good manners.

Island weather remains sunny and warm and I know it sucks if your weather is worse- wherever you live.

H A P P Y     H A L L O W E' E N