Sunday, October 22, 2017


Final Full week in October Kids and Kidlettes!!

We saw our new house on Saturday afternoon- in the rain and mist.
The painting is done inside- from what we could see, looking through the windows to a less than well-lit interior- that is.
Sure looks like home with those colours!!
The same colours we had in good old Pine Tree House back in Orillia, Ontario. It made me teary and it made me feel like home- at last, even though there isn't one stick of furniture inside.
Kitchen cupboards are piled up in the great room ready for installation, probably this week.

On Saturday, we also met met the "new" neighbours who will be living next door to us. Air Canada Jazz Pilot- Jill and her hubby Tim- who we think works for a beer company.
They are from Woodstock, Ontario.

I know....
Another transplanted Ontarian. Jill and Tim arrived on the Island back in July expecting to be in their new house on the same date as Tom and I- September 29th. Now, their move-in date is Oct 31. They only have summer clothes with them for the most part- just like us.
They are very nice folks.

Before windows and doors and an interior paint job
Earlier on the way out the exit of the development, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number but Tom said "Pick it Up".
He thought that maybe it was a call about our puddy- Doyle.
It wasn't.
It was our friends Deb and Warren from back in Orillia
Warren was on the other end of the line and asked me- "Where are you?"

Strange question I thought- "We are just leaving the new house".

Warren asked-" How far is it to where you are staying?"

Strange again I though...
I said- "3 minutes but give us 5 minutes before you call back. Let us get into the house."
We hung up and drove towards our temporary home.
In a few minutes we pulled into the drive.
A second or two after, a car pulled in next to us.
I looked over thinking it was our "land mistress" Donna.



They came to the island from Ontario and took a chance we'd be home. They had checked into their hotel and then looked for us. They had the Cedar Ave address, yet no house number BUT they knew there were horses along the lane behind us. After the phone call, they waited patiently on the street and watched us drive along Cedar and pull into our drive.

OMG again!!

WE didn't know whether to laugh, cry or pee our pants and me without my Depends on!!!
What a surprize!!
They are on the island for a few days and out west here for a week!
It took some time to process their arrival.
How nice!!

We drove back to our "new" house to give them a quick peek- with flashlights this time! They seemed suitably impressed. Later, the four of us enjoyed a "White Spot" dinner and then Toma nd I let them go back to their hotel to sleep away the jet lag.
Old folks.
Ya gotta love 'em!!
They need their rest!

Sunday, we showed them "Our Island"- the Island we had come to know so far, starting with breakfast in the sunshine, on the Lanai at a Scottish Pub in Maple Bay, overlooking the Pacific and Salt Spring Island.

Photo by Tom
We toured Chemainus and Ladysmith and finally walked along the ocean-front board walk in Parksville. Mountains, palms, clouds, steep hills, more mountains and ocean.
Lots of ocean and a few frolicking Sea Otters too.
It was a perfect day!

Maple Bay October 22, 2017
Starting tomorrow- if the weather forecast holds, it is to be sunny every day through the next week and a half!!

Like Santa Claus- If only you can believe.