Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I gotz a code ind by doze.

That's right kids, the re-gifting gift that keeps on giving.
A cold.
A freeking Island cold! Apparently once kids get back into school it's a hotbed of cold germs and they take and give them to anyone, anywhere. My husband passed along this cold to me and I did my best to stay clear but when you open your eyes in the middle of the night and he's 6 inches away from your face breathing on you, it's hard to stay healthy. So it's Buckley's daytime for me and copious amounts of tissue.

Yesterday we had our first chiropractor visit here in Duncan. Our new chiropractor is Dr. Darren Burry. Dr. Darren pretty much had all the same moves as Dr. Murray did back in Orillia. First, he did a massage- shirtless.
I mean, I was shirtless not Dr. Darren, although....

In 30 years of going to the chiropractor this was the first time I had to display my massive chest and rock hard abs but I did it!

~blink~ and ~shake my head~

Okay. I am back to reality now....I displayed my drooping tits, gray-haired chest and Pillsbury Dough-Boy stomach.
I am 66.
Oh, Dr. Darren says in conversation- "What are you 55..56..?"
Apparently, like me, he's terrible at mathematics.
"Nope, 66"- I say, "Born 1951. It's on the paper there."
I am taking that as a compliment and I like this fellah already. I have to go back again tomorrow. My neck is a stiff mess but it's a 100% better after yesterday.
Reminder to stop eating and do some sit-ups before I get there.

We are getting some cheques in the mail from back east. A nice one from Union Gas and a final one from our lawyer since everything is paid now. Still no apology or word on that lawyer letter from the Missus who bought out house that we received last week. The one that asked us for $3300 dollars because we had apparently lied about having a rental hot water heater and furnace- which we never had. Drop back a few blogs to read about it.

Pine Tree House
As far as we know our beloved Pine Tree House still sits empty, waiting for a nice person, persons or family to buy her and move in. Neighbours have said the yard is already showing signs of neglect.
I am not surprized.
It was a full-time job.
Usually by now I had harvest d├ęcor on the verandah and all the Hallowe'en decorations were sitting at the ready for mid-month spookiness.

I wonder what it's going to be like inside PTH come January with snow piled as high as your "ying-yang" and brilliant white walls inside.

Our new house here in Duncan is repeating all the same colours we carefully chose back in Orillia and I am looking forward to the coziness once again. A December or January evening sitting next to the fire in my favourite Laz-Y-Boy chair. Lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and flooring will all be new but our furniture and antiques will be the same and allow us to feel really at home once more.

I know that time is coming sooner rather than later as the days and weeks pass by us.

Have yourself a great day and I hope your Thanksgiving plans are coming along.


Our friends Leanna and Jason from the Soup Shack just brought over homemade chicken soup.
Yumm. We'll be fixed in no time.
Then, our friend Brenda in Ladysmith- who we were supposed to see Friday and begged off because of the colds, is playing "Dr. Brenda" and suggests rest and vitamin C.
How nice|!
As the song goes- That's What Friends are For...