Monday, October 9, 2017

ROBBLOG #658 Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving.

I know you have better things to do than read this RobBlog on Thanksgiving but I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving for the first time from the Island- Vancouver Island, about as far west as one can get in this wonderful country of ours. We- that would be me and Tom, would have to drive about 4 hours from Duncan through the middle of the Island and Port Alberni to get to the western shore and Tofino to get as far west as one can in Canada. Once we are in the new house, we'll do that trip.
Anytime of year is good but we have been told that winter surf is amazing and yes, they surf at Tofino.

Hope you have family and friends around today or at least had over the weekend. We had two Thanksgiving invites. Not bad for first-time Islanders.
We are truly thankful.
Being away from family and friends isn't easy and it's 3 time zones back to Orillia, Ontario.
We are moving forward and are still building a whole new life here on the Island.
We refuse to think backwards but we are looking ahead for the years to come on this new "Life Adventure" of ours.

It is a big step but it was now or never and for those friends and family back "home" just remember, if Tom and I can do it- anybody can.
We are homebodies and it took "hootzpah" and whatever else we could muster to change our lives so dramatically.

I am looking forward to letting you know when it's 9 or 10c here in January when you folks back east are dealing with 20cm of snow and -20 temps and a windchill!! I mean Alberta has already had snow. Not sure about Northern Ontario.
I will be gentle however, sending only one picture of us grass cutting in February.
I promise...heh, heh.

Now, I have a quick Thanksgiving story, then I am done for today.

At a recent market I was looking for a home-baked pumpkin pie. There was a booth that listed pie for sale on a chalkboard and pumpkin was right at the top. A new friend Roy and I walked up to the vendor's table to have a look. All the pies were almond this and almond-topped that. As I was looking at the other baked goodies, Roy spoke with the vendor. After a few moments Roy says to me-

"They have pumpkin pies but they can't sell them. You have to go up and speak to the guy."

"..and say what?"- I questioned.

"I dunno..."- Roy grinned and pushed me gently to the vendor's table.

I stood for a moment with my market bag in hand then said to the vendor-
"Psst. What he was taking about." I nodded my head in Roy's direction,

The vendor gave a broad smile. "How much?"- I asked.

"Eight dollars." he mumbled.

I pulled out a ten, he gave me a shiny toonie back and I passed him my Wal*Mart bag.
Then, he ducked under the cloth that was covering the table.
He looked like one of those old photographers from years ago who had to flip a black sheet over their head and shoulders while taking a picture.
Seconds later he came out from under the table cloth and passed me my bag.

"Have a Happy Thanksgiving" he said.

"Same to you and oh...who made the pie?". I whispered continuing the covert operation like any good CSIS Agent would have done.

"My Mum and I." was the reply.

I walked back to Tom and said- "Got it. I'll tell you later."
Roy and his hubbie Jeff -who was innocent of any of this pie-buying, spy vs spy stuff- both chuckled.

A contraband pie?
Who knew?

It was going to be a decent Thanksgiving.