Friday, October 6, 2017

ROBBLOG #657 W E E K E N D Edition

Today, Friday, there was one final opportunity to try and find our Doyle in Winnipeg West

Maili who posts on a Winnipeg Missing and Found Cat Watch said in a post earlier this week that she would go out to St. Francois Xavier today and check out the area and the KOA Campground where our Doyle jumped out of our RV, Priscilla.
He was seen the following night on Aug 18 and hasn't been seen since.

Maili was true to her word and travelled to St. Francois Xavier Friday afternoon. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts.

Here is what she posted to the Facebook Page:

"Rob, I went out to St. Francois Xavier and checked around and asked a few people. No one has seen anything. I went to the camp (KOA) and looked around and sat down to listen (for Doyle). I talked to Kevin (Kevin is the Groundskeeper we met when we stayed there Aug 17th & 18th) and he said he has not seen Doyle. I posted on the St. Francois Xavier site for Doyle to add more exposure."

Not the result we were hoping for of course. We had hoped to have found a small shred of evidence that Doyle was lurking along the banks of the Assiniboine River but it was not to be.
Yes, miracles do happen.
Even this afternoon, I read of a cat being reunited with his owner 2 years after his disappearance. The pictures of cat and owner seeing each other again were heart-breaking. The puddy cat clung to his owner's neck and closed his eyes.
Safe again.
In her arms.
The way it should be.
Who knows where he had been and of the adventure he had been on.

However, with Doyle, it's time to leave it alone now.
It's been almost two months.
It's up to the universe to protect him- if he's still on this earth.
We'll be waiting here on the Island in case the info from his chip finds its way to us.
Friends are waiting back in Orillia in case he shows up on the verandah of our old house. That would be quite the trip Doyley-Boy.

For now, we think of all the pleasure you gave us.
From the day we saw you and your brother Dickens as 3 month old kittens. Boy were you two a handful. We kept you in a kennel overnight for the first 3 months.
As you got older you would snooze on our laps.
So content.

There was the meowing for your supper.
Coming down the stairs to the Keeping Room every night around 930 for a puddy treat.
How handsome you looked laying in the sunlight streaming through the dining room window, as you  sprawled across a favourite chair being bathed in the warmth of the sun's golden rays.
You cozied up in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night or plopped on top of a heating grate.

We hope you are warm and comfortable and loved wherever you may be.
You will always be "Our Doyle"

It's right that we should care about you

It's right to feel the way we do
Because, because we love you

It's wrong to say we don't think of you, 
You know it makes us blue

Give us a chance to be near you
Because, because we love you

(Lyrics from Because- The Dave Clark 5)

Have a Happy Thanksgiving one and all!!