Monday, October 16, 2017


Another week on the Island begins.

Yesterday was bee-you-tea-ful!
15c and sunny. We walked around the neighbourhood and chatted to folks. This neighbourhood is about three minutes driving distance to our new house. Probably not the area we'd be walking through with the puppies once we move into Stonewood Village.


Not a lot of changes to the new house. The mudding on the drywall takes time to dry. Who knows maybe some painting will commence this week and the siding on the exterior looks like it's set to go. The house next to us has their siding finished, as does three doors up the street, so we hope we are next in line. I was thinking we would be in a bit earlier than mid-November but reality has smacked me up the face and I now think we'll be a month away from possession.
The Hallowe'en d├ęcor will stay packed away for this year. ~sigh~
What's a person to do?

Pine Tree House Hallowe'en 2016
Am I getting better at playing the waiting game?
Its still hard and we both wish we had our stuff around us- now.

We browsed through some Downtown Duncan shops on Saturday- after the farmer's market, chatting with shopkeepers Leslie at Embellish and Heather at Khaya. Nice stuff at both stores. I could have spent a mint.  My Tom spied a Quebec spool-back chair with rattan seat. Apparently he just had to have it.

He had made a rule that we wouldn't buy anything until we moved into the new house but I guess rules are made to be broken since the chair is sitting here in our kitchen.

I would expect that the leaves are falling or have fallen off most of the trees back in Orillia, Ontario.
Certainly here in the Cowichan I have yet to see anyone raking their yard. So much is still green. A few trees are bright red and along the Island Highway yesterday heading up island, there were some that had turned a brilliant yellow. I expect once these trees shed their leaves the landscape will go back to green. I remember back in February when Tom and I first visited Duncan and the Cowichan, we were amazed at how green it was in a winter month- keeping in mind we had just arrived from snowbound Orillia. I guess this is where we separate the men from the boys. You in Ontario being the boys and we- "the men".

Bamboo green and lush
Our temps will stay pretty much where they are these days in the high single digits or the low teens.
Last evening coming out a local restaurant chain called "White Spot", we were amazed at how mild it was- warm, even. I mean not Hawaiian Island warm but I'll take it!

You see, our minds are still stuck in Orillia expecting crisp air and the hint of colder temperatures to come. Not so here on the Island and it is playing tricks with our mind and bodies.
We keep saying-
"Oh yeah, we're on the Island now."

Come on out.
It's fine.