Thursday, October 19, 2017


How to assimilate into Island Life.

Today's Lesson  #1

When it rains and rains hard, get up and get outside.
It's why God invented umbrellas.

We have had some heavy rain in parts of the island yesterday. Some wind too. Some folks are without power.
Not us.
We decided to do what the Islanders do.
Walk in the stuff and keep in mind this is the first all day rain we have had since arriving on the Island back on August 22- the day we drove off the ferry.

We took Missy and Koko for their usual walk around a few blocks. They had their puppy rain gear on but still they got more than damp. They didn't seem to mind though and trotted along happily- even depositing a poop or two in between the rain drops.
Such good girls.

Afterwards, Tom and I decided to go for a jaunt ourselves. He pulled a hood over his head and I grabbed the umbrella that our friends Cathy & Steve gave us as a going away present. It's a bright little umbrella and has blue skies and fluffy clouds imprinted on the inside.
Such Fun!
It wasn't cold walking.
It was mild and there was no chilly wind.
My feet got damp though, so I guess unless I wear my flip flops all the time, I'll need to invest in a good pair of waterproof walking shoes.

Today's Lesson #2

Know what to do in an earthquake.
Today, Thursday October 19, millions of people worldwide will practice how to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” during "Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills". Here in  British Columbia people are urged to register at
In the event of an earthquake one should
and Hold On.

Cripes. Is that a little scary or what?
Hold on??
The sketch on the website shows a person ducking under a table and holding onto the table legs.
That'll do it, eh?
Reminds me of the drills we had in school in the 50's when Cuba- not North Korea, was about to blow up the world.
I always wondered how I would squeeze under my bed if I had to "duck and cover"!

If you're caught on an Island beach during a shake, one lays flat and then runs like hell to higher ground after the shaking stops. I presume this is in the event of a Tsunami.
Again- such fun!

It sure is different here and we're just about to pass the two month milestone on Sunday.


To take one's mind off a rainy day- or earthquakes, tune into Cousin Brucie on Sirius XM.
We have a trial period- free of charge. It came with the new Grand Caravan and is activated until December 22. This is the first time I have listened to satellite radio.
I've had the 60's station on while driving around the valley this week. Cousin Brucie- who I used to listen to in the mid-60's from WABC 77 in New York City, broadcasts "live" Wednesdays from 2 until 6pm Pacific Time and again on Saturday. I listened to WABC at night when AM radio signals skipped great distances.
Bruce  Morrow is his full name and he certainly was one of the 1960 era jocks who got me interested in radio along with CHUM's Jay Nelson, John Spragge and Bob MacAdory as well as CKFH's Tom Fulton and Don Daynard.

Cousin Brucie sure brought back a lot of memories and Wednesday he just happened to have
Mary Wilson from the Supremes on "live" for an interview. Mary had Brucie play one of her favourite Supremes' songs from the 1970's- "Stoned Love".
The Jean Terrell lead song is one of my fav's too.

Will I keep Sirius XM?
Don't think so.
Once Swisssh and Starlite are back on air I'll be listening to them a great deal of the time.

Have a great one and hold on- if need be!