Saturday, October 28, 2017

ROBBLOG #667 W E E K E N D Edition

A Beautiful Island Weekend.

Warm sunshine. Mid-Teen temps and more. The skies are a brilliant blue and everyone is smiling- including "The Mister" and I.

We saw our new house again yesterday- second day in a row. We had taken a utility sink we had had in storage, over to the house on Thursday for installation. As our interior design gal Joanne said, it was- "A Beehive of Activity"!
It was indeed.
In fact we were so very excited we forgot to take photos, so we returned Friday to do just that.
Jason- the trim guy who has biceps the size of watermelons, was hard at work finishing windows and baseboards. A nice guy and his work looks good.
His "big boys"- ditto. ~grin~

Two fellahs were siding the front of the house- the right side is done. Another worker bee was laying the flooring. We have hardwood floors on the main level and laminate on the lower level. In the kitchen cabinets are installed waiting for appliances and a sink.

Our Kitchen in Island Sunshine
Outside Cam and his Dad- the landscapers, were moving rocks and earth around with one of those little front-end loaders. Our back yard will be fab-you-luss! however, smaller than back in Orillia. Just maybe we'll take possession by the end of November as one part of my brain is already starting to get into Christmas mode. Well, how can I help it? Christmas magazines are at the Wal*Mart checkouts. The Dollar Store is pushing back Hallowe'en d├ęcor while stocking ornaments and tinsel
in places where spooky things once hung.

Siding on the front.
Not the final colour which will be Sage Green
A new house means new decorating possibilities and I may be a week or so late decorating our three Xmas trees if our possession is pushed back to November 30th.
It's all good though. Tom and I are being patient. At this point we want a great job done- not just good.


One of the Winnipeg Missing and Found Cat Watch Facebook Page contacts- Maili, sent us a message Friday afternoon accompanied by two photos of an orange tabby that just might be our Doyle. She is travelling from her home in La Salle- southwest of Winnipeg over to Headingley/St Francois Xavier- which is the community where the KOA is located. That KOA was where we stayed as we travelled across Canada to The Island. It is also the KOA where Doyle jumped ship on August 17th. The photos are distant but one in particular looks like Doyle. He had this extra pocket of skin and puddy hair that hung down from his stomach. From what we can determine- so does this cat.

I don't like the idea of someone taking the time from their weekend to search for us but if it is Doyle, we'd be on a plane to Winnipeg as soon as we could get a seat and we'd be forever indebted to Maili.
She says she just wants to get Doyle home.
What a gal!
I will keep you posted.

In the meantime have a great weekend.

Could this be our Doyle?