Sunday, October 31, 2010


Oh my Goodness, it’s November.

How did that happen so quickly.
Last week it was September- wasn’t it?

Now, yesterday I bought two Christmas Ornaments. I had to. I was up at Winners and I have always wanted to own Christopher Radko Blown Glass, Vintage Ornaments. So, I bought a box of six. Then, on the same shelf, there was another beautiful blown glass Santa Claus Ornament. It was just 5.99 and I couldn’t resist.
I think I love Winners. It’s upscale and yet not expensive- like some of our downtown shops.

Listen, I love shopping downtown too but I don’t want to pay the price for that luxury. Good quality, upscale goods at a very reasonable price.
What’s not to like?

Anyways, Hello November!
Finish the yard word.
Oh yes, pack away the Hallowe’en stuff and take the gazebo cover off the frame.
That being done, there’s-
The Santa Claus Parade,
The Hank Christmas Show rehearsals with the show next month on December 11th & 12th.
Christmas Trees to decorate.
Holiday Shopping andmore dialogue to learn for a February show.

I look forward to bitching about the cold and snow.
It’s a Canadian thing. A January thing- I hope.

Maybe we’ll see some sunshine and warmth in late February or March.
Maybe we’ll win a lotto too!

So, it’s November the first. Who knew?
Apparently, it happens every year about this time.
I wonder if the folks in Hawaii realize it’s November first?
Probably not. Being in Hawaii, November first feels like April first, July first or December first.

Welcome to the 11th month of 2010. It’s here, so we have to live with it just like every other November.

Have a good one, eh?