Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A bunch of stuff today.

I did my “talk” with the group I mentioned in yesterday’s Blog.
Most interesting.
I think they appreciated what I had to say- especially when I spoke about being called “Faggot”. We had our house pummelled with eggs and called “Faggot” by some young men over a year ago. Some of them live in the neighbourhood.

One blonde boy who was with the group walks past the house almost daily. Usually, his face is looking down. Another- with a curly head of hair, drives past after visiting the blonde lad up the street.

Did the police ever tell us what happened or if the investigation was brought to a satisfactory conclusion?
No Sir.
They did not.
I hope the group members are able to help someone, someday.

Deaths. Half a dozen since our Orange Tabby passed at the end of February. Now, I am talking six human deaths. It’s been non-stop and cancer has another victim about to step up to the plate one of these days.
This week our lovely friend and family member Olive Corrigan passed.
Olive opted not to take medication about a year ago after the medication made her ill.
She opted for “quality of life”.
She had it this past year.
Laughter. Dinners. Outings. Martinis on the verandah. More laughs.
We will miss her.
We had a lot of good times over the summer. The last was just before Labour Day. When the cancer hit her, it took her with terrifying speed. We gave her all the strength we could muster.
I hope it was enough.
Bye Ollie!
May Angels take you to Eternal Happiness!
See you again- sometime.
I am feeling drained but there’s a lesson here- live each day to it’s fullest!

The Garage Door Players are working hard on the latest show I have written for Hank- “A Chatty HANKmuss”. We’ve already had a very long rehearsal where I “blocked” every scene in the show. Music, laughs and surprises abound!
The premise?
Hank has his own “live” Television Chat show. He chats, interviews guests and has a Holly Jolly Good Time. The show will be performed on December 11th & 12th at the Stubley at St. James. Tickets will be on sale towards the end of October at Home Hardware, Manticore Books and Shadows. Tickets will also be available at Couchiching Jubilee House at 70 Colborne Street East, from 9 till noon daily. That’s where they take “the plastic”- VISA. Proceeds go to Couchiching Jubilee House- after we pay the bills.

There’s a lot of work on the show to be done before we reach the final “professional” product but we are working towards that goal over the next two months.

Have a good one- and stay well!