Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Uh-Oh. Quite a furor I have caused with yesterday’s RobBlog.

I’ve sucked it up and have been singing “Que Sera, Sera” out loud to myself ever since.

Here are some of the responses I received. They have not been censored. Some of the language may be strong and you may object to the wording.
You have been warned. I printed all the names of the authors of the letters. Why shouldn’t we know their names and the community from whence they write.
Nevermind, read on MacDuff…

“…there are more things in Heaven and Earth than any of us can understand. Be gentle with your thoughts lad.”
Reverend Thomas Tolley, Perry Street United Church, Southside, Manitoba

“You F***ing, Liberal-assed, Son of a b****! Who in the hell gave you permission to talk about our Dear Lord that way. I hope they burn you at the stake, cut off your balls and throw them to the dogs- that is IF you had any to begin with.”
D. Holmes, Orillia

“..but Jesus died for all of us. Even butt-holed bastards like you. Didn’t you ever hear that you should not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain? Jesus Christ, you must be some kind of Moronic Demon or something.”
Barbara-Lynn Childs Strathroy, New Brunswick.

“while you did post some valid thoughts, I fear your soul will be writhing in the torment of the burning blast furnaces of Hell for all eternity. Faith is all we have to cling to. It’s not too late. Save yourself now and the Lord God of Hosts will tuck you to his bosom and gently rock your sins away.”
-Constance Jessel, Dipwhole, Tennessee.

“Finally someone tells it like it is. I am so sick of all these Sunday church going, Dudley Do Rights telling me how to live. Live now, for there isn’t a pretty Heaven with tree-lined streets and towering Condos waiting for any of us- not even the righteous.”
-Adam Champ, Belleville.
Dear Sir, I read with great distain your diatribe on the Lord Jesus Christ and his Father our one and only God in Heaven. Make no mistake about it, my God only loves Christians- and not those Catholics either. The Muslims, Jews and the Palestinians are set on a collision course for relentless torment in the hereafter. Jesus does not have time for the likes of you or them. Praise his name to the Heavens!”
-Verna Tuttle, Glast Rock, Alberta

“I am with you Brother. You should build your own church but not on a rock like St. Peter but on a pile of Harvest Wheat Pancakes so the congregation would never go hungry!”
Danny Talisman, Canak, Saskatchewan.

“Dear Me God, what have you written RobBlog? You sound like a pasty-faced homosexual sining your life away with buggery and drugs and unholy unions with other of your ilk. God doesn’t exist? He exists as surly as the sun rises every morning. As certain as water tumbles over stones in a river bed. As triumphantly as my Jesus loves me and would love you too- if you would just let him.”
Anne Famlick, Chesterton, Alberta, Canada

“I agree with your Blog. God doesn’t exist. All those born again, gospel flaunting, mis-informed sheep should stand back and take a good, hard look at themselves. Why would anyone believe there’s a higher power that would allow his servants to sink to such depravity. I’m not just talking about that fucked up, touched in the head Colonel but all the nations on this planet that allow inhumane acts to propagate and grow…”
Allan Tard, St. Antiquis Quebec.

“Get a life sinner, child of Satan. How dare you say God doesn’t exist. He does you know. If God and his churches didn’t, we wouldn’t have a world as we know it. God is the puppet master and we are just the puppets. He pulls the strings and we give him unconditional love in return.”
S. Durn, Burnall Ontario.

“I can’t believe God hasn’t struck you down and pulled that rancid tongue from your Godless mouth. I went to church today and said 4 Hail Mary’s for your safety and salvation. It cost me 2.75 cents in bus fare but I know God would approve.”
Mary Dempsey, Fornley, B.C.

“So if God cured cancer and all the other stupid things on your list, wouldn’t a lot of people be out of work?”
Archie Bellam, Groves Creek, Nova Scotia

“I enjoy reading your Blogs on a daily basis. It is just your thoughts on one of many subjects you have chosen to write about. I think your ideas are fresh and your beliefs spot on!”
Ken Dagman, Burrel Creek, Ontario

So, there you have it- and that’s just a small taste. Do I repent and ask to be nestled to the Almighty’s bosom?
What I said stands.
I know there is something more and something different.
By the way, I am thinking of starting my own church.
It’s all tax free and you only have to work one day a week- I’d make it a Monday since I hate Mondays already anyway.

Have a good one for not everything we see or read is fact- or even exists!