Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I am absolutely horrified with the things one human being can do to another.

I speak of the disturbing pictures that have been released the past few days regarding that “evil” man who held a position of authority within the Canadian Armed Forces, yet in a secret life murdered, raped, stole sexual trophies and degraded women throughout Eastern Ontario.

I took one look at the first picture that accompanied The Star “online edition” article and couldn’t believe what I was seeing or reading. I looked into the face of this man in the pictures and could see a troubled soul- an evil presence that was inhabiting a earthly man’s mortal body.
Where is God in these cases?
Victims pleading to be released.
Pleading for their lives.
Pleading for their captor to relay a message to a mother saying how much she was loved.
Why didn’t God step in and send a bolt of thunder down from the heavens, smiting this maniac?
Because God doesn’t exist. That’s why.
Let’s face it, God has had plenty of time to re-condition this earth but has done nothing.
We still have wars, atrocities, accidents, murders, mud slides, earthquakes, tornadoes, famine, fire, guns, hate crimes, cancer and horrific evil persons walking amongst us who look like humans on the outside but harbour deep, dark, treacherous secrets inside their outer skin. Yet many people- both Christian, Jew and Muslim, still trudge to church or synagogue to be told- “Here’s the way it is folks! Believe it when I tell you this.”

God, when is enough, enough?
What’s that?
I can’t hear you?
Can you speak a little louder?
You know you have let things get too far?
Are you hiding behind the “Pearly Gates” because you are afraid to show your face?
They say we can’t look upon your face, God. One has to avert one’s eyes- lest one “see” the truth.
The truth?
There just isn’t any God- so just enjoy life!

God is a fairy tale at best. A 2000+ year old fairy tale that some people still buy into.
Look, there is no God.
Never was and never will be.
He doesn’t exist.
What does exist among many of us is a “hope” that he does exist…but he doesn’t.
I used to have that hope, that faith- but it hasn’t set well with me for decades now.

Religion is really just a business like…
like the Toronto Star and hundreds of other media outlets across Canada who put a sick man on display for all to see, making money selling papers and buying products that accompany these news stories. Oh, they try to be kind and human, by telling us we may want to avert our eyes because of “explicit content”.

“Explicit content” has been a part of religious life for a couple of thousand years. Take the display of a man in torment. Nailed to a tree for all to see.
Gruesome. Disgusting. Heart-wrenching. Sad.
This is what humans are expected to worship. Something humans did to each other centuries ago. Still, many people buy into the horrific images of a man secured to a piece of wood and suffering.
It’s called “fear”.
Fear of burning in “hellfire”.

Oh, there are “humans” who profess to be like God and “humans” who have said they have seen God- or a member of the Holy Family at least but really, I mean “really” in the 21st Century we are supposed to buy this muck based on faith?
Come on, we can do better than that.
We can do more than that.
Start by just getting along and respecting that person next to you.
A tall order. I know.

You can believe Revelations –if you like.
The end of the world!
The Rapture.
God will rise up all those Christians here on earth and in Heaven and hug them to his breast. The rest of us- the un-anointed will suffer here for a while until God comes once more with his Angels to give us a second chance. Those who repent and fall down on their hands and knees- pledging total worship, get taken up to Heaven too.
Anyone who has even flown in an airplane knows that Heaven is not on the other side of the clouds. There’s only blue sky and sunshine. Two or three thousand years ago they couldn’t aspire to those heights.
They did try with the Tower of Babel to get closed to Heaven- and God.
What happened?
The God-fearing religious groups who built the tower couldn’t co-exist.
It was like- “Hey God. Choose me! I’m better than that other group over there. They don’t deserve Heaven!”
Eventually, the tower crumbled.

So, you ask yourself why does a “man” sink to such a level, having a need to destroy another Human?
Circuit breakers in the brain get fried- somehow. Yet, if this man waits until he is about to take his last breath on earth- and repents, he will be welcomed into the loving arms of God.
He will be forgiven.


But you know what? There are thousands living among us who continue to do the same sordid things we are now seeing and hearing, all the while hoping they don’t get caught.

So, don’t ask God to help.
God’s suitcase was packed up long ago only to be un-packed in another more loving universe many light years away. Perhaps that was right about the time God found that even an omnipresent deity lacked the “faith” to stop the Nazi’s cleansing of the “Human Race”.

Quick somebody say a little prayer…as if it would do any good.