Wednesday, October 27, 2010


OK. I admit it. I have nothing to say today.
Nothing new.
So, please enjoy the blog below which was posted yesterday and give me the weekend to

Why do we waste our precious time here on earth not talking to lost friends?

I am not about to preach to you here.
I can’t.
I am a big offender. A big time waster.

Some people are here to be with us our entire lives.
While others, just casually float in and float out again, never to be heard from again.

I heard from an old friend today. I worked with Arlene almost 30 years ago at CHAY FM in Barrie. CHAY was only about 2 years old at that time. I was almost an “original” staffer. We sent an e-mail back and forth. It helped me remember a simpler time before the Internet- before Cell Phones and Big Screen televisions.

In this blog, I wrote about a day- back in July, when I was at a reunion for another Radio Station I worked at- CHOO Country Radio. Again I re-connected with people I hadn’t seen in 25 years. I was glad I attended. It made me feel good. It reminded me of past accomplishments that made me what and who I am today.

In late July, I connected with friends I hadn’t seen in just over two years. It’s a story I am not going to relate in detail again but suffice it to say these two friends got caught in the midst of a huge understanding and I made them pay a price. Then, I received a birthday card by e-mail one morning in late July from these lost friends. I just picked up the phone and called.
It was once of the best things I have ever done.
Whether the stars were in alignment or it was just the right amount of time passing it was a good thing.

There are others out there too. Former friends I think about connecting with again. I realize, however, that some people come into my life just long enough to pass through and then leave.
It might be all planned that way- who knows?
I now cherish the time spent.
I learned.
I loved.
I laughed.
I made some memories but it just wasn’t for a long time.

Now, a friend has e-mailed me, wondering if he should contact someone who recently said they would never speak to him again. It was all a mis-understanding. This friend takes full responsibility for his actions.
He knows he was wrong.
He said words that never should have been said.

Some thoughts should stay in our head and not pass out over our lips.
So I think he should call.
The worst that could happen is he’ll get a phone slammed down- hard, in his ear. The best that could happen is a friendship gets renewed.
Someone has to take the first step.
Someone always has to take the first step.
Dialing the number is the first step.
It’s not easy hearing that phone ring in your ear.
It gets easier when a familiar voice answers at the other end.
Take heart in that.

The rest is chance.
We just shouldn’t waste our precious time…