Monday, October 25, 2010


It’s municipal election day!

The day you exercise your right- as a Citizen of the City of Orillia, to vote for the Candidates of your choice. I can’t help you with your choices in all the wards since I only live in one. That’s Ward 4.
I can only remark on what- as a citizen, I have gleened.

Of course with Mayor that’s a different story.
The choices:
Ralph Cipolla. Um. No. Not totally sure why but no.
Tim Lauer? Tim is the man I placed my “money on”. I’ve known him for years. Schooled at ODCVI. I like him. Seems true and loves his community. Always answers any questions I have about something in the ward.

Angelo Orsi. Ah. Here’s the problem. I like him too. I would like to see Orillia get a “fresh” start. New faces and brains. He’s a go-getter. West Ridge is his doing. We needed that- housing, shops etc.
So, My “X” might end up beside his name. My only hold-back is I heard he supported Bruce Stanton last time. Now, I know that’s federal and this is Municipal but still it makes me think. I like Bruce. I don’t like his party. I wouldn’t want to see another “Conservative” at the helm. We’ve been there, done that.
So as I write this, I am still in thinking mode.

Now the rest. The Councillors?

Pat Reid. I’ve known Pat for Years. A smart, educated man who would be available and has the Ward and the City at heart. No question. Place an “X” there.

Andrew Hill. Andrew has run before in Orillia but not municipally. I like him. He should have a chance. He’s not afraid to get out there and has been going door to door.

Tony Madden. I had a long talk with Tony and he sold me. I like him. Very Genuine.

Kelly Clune. ~ahem~ Enough said.

Tissington. I don’t even know her first name and- No!

Colin McKim. I’ve seen the lawn signs and read his stuff both for the election and when he was a part of the Packet. I like his writing.

Another lady last name- Kruska. I’ve seen a couple of signs. Can’t remember the first name and can say nothing else.

I know I’m missing another name- right? There’s 8 running for 2 seats?
Boy, am I informed or what?
So get out there kids and vote.

When we wake up Tuesday we’ll have some new faces and a new Mayor!