Thursday, October 7, 2010


What if I told you- it’s not like that.

Not like the way they say it is.

What if I told you passing from this world to our next phase in “being” is as simple as walking from one room to another.

What if I told you all the pain, regrets, hardships and unhappy times are reserved for this world and not the next.

What if I told you those that pass on can communicate readily with those left behind.

What if I told you they (those that have passed) usually don’t try to communicate with many on this side of the “realm” as many are unprepared because minds that have been clouded by forced beliefs. Most prefer not to believe nor hear about it.

What if I told you that I believe these “rituals”- for the most part are as phoney as tofu turkey.
What if…
What if…

I know there is more to this life than being born, scratching out a living- then dying. When I sit and listen to today’s “organized belief system”, I have to stand back and think a bit. I wonder why in this day and age, with all we know and all we experience during this earthly existence, that there are millions who buy into what can best be described as various beliefs.
Beliefs of this way.
Or that way. Maybe today it is this way.

Pledges of faith based on beliefs that it has to be "this way" because we are told it is this way and besides- what else is there?
The answer is more.
There is more.
Much more.

Once again you have to believe, only this time you have to believe in the reality of the present and leave 2000 years behind.

I know that many of you will answer I believe “because of my “faith”.
That’s fair.
It’s expected- but it’s what you have been told by others that you base your faith on.

However, once you have been nudged by those in the next “realm” you start to question what you have known. You can move on beyond what you know now and believe.
I used to question what I felt decades ago.
Like being a closeted Gay man there was no one to ask for help.
I was on my own- again.
There was no one to share thoughts and experiences with.
I used to ask myself questions.
As I get older, I don’t anymore.

There is comfort in knowing that family and friends from this existence pass on into another. They are able to forget this earthy plane more readily and more quickly than we are able to forget them- on this side.

You have to be open.
Clear your channels.
Be open to the idea.
Allow thoughts and feelings to enter your mind.

At times you wonder- “What the hell is that all about?”
You don’t always get an answer.
There is not always solace but there is the feeling that there is more.
A peaceful, contented feeling that there is more.
Grateful appreciation when you can help someone here with a thought of image from the “other side”.

Just Hallowe’en “Hocus Pocus”?
What about all the stories and beliefs originating from a time when it was thought the world is flat and Heaven was just on the other side of a cloud?

I think not.