Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Some Things…

We had some friends over the other evening. It was last minute.
Completely unplanned.
Spur of the moment stuff.
What fun we had. I got to thinking about the things we have fun doing with friends like:
1. Laugh until your sides ache.

2. Drink copious amounts of wine, chocolate martinis and Baileys- on crushed ice

3. Compare an iPhone to an iPad and realize it’s a unique person who owns one.

4. Laugh a bit more.

5. Go to dinner and enjoy the evening then argue over who’s paying the cheque.
6. Take a road trip.

7. Talk about True Blood.

8. Watch a You Tube Video and laugh until you cry.

9. Show them your shiny, new toaster as they compliment you on your appliance.

10. Play a song- up loud.

11. Order Pizza and eat every last slice.

12. Have another glass of wine.

13. Never talk about something heavy.

14. Make “light” of politics.

15. Have a Baileys on Ice as a night cap.

16. Talk about how lucky we are.
17. Talk about living each day to its fullest because next week could be your last.

18. Have another glass of wine…

19. Put your feet up.
20. Eat chocolate.

Enjoy your day...and your friends.