Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Everyone always talks about the weather here in Orillia
Hot enough for ya?
Cold enough for ya?
Wet enough for ya?
Sunny enough for ya?
Snowy enough for you….
And on and on.

These days the talk is all about the coming winter.
Let’s enjoy the sunny days while we can.
It appears this Thanksgiving weekend is going to be rather nice- except for Thanksgiving Monday when we might see some showers. Think I might cook the bird then if being outside will be a wet project!

I wonder what the Farmer’s Almanac’s agricultural prognosticators say for this fall and winter?
I haven’t heard.
Maybe snow in November.
Who knows?
Last year the weather experts were saying a short, moist winter. They were right. We had our drive shovelled once after Christmas in the first few days of January and that was it.

I remember one August it snowed in Calgary. Not too unusual for Alberta. More unusual for here in Central Ontario but I am sure it has happened once or twice. Snow falling is a regular event most Septembers in the Territories to the far north.
Even for Newfoundland. Most years they see summer on or about July 28th.

I have always thought that living year round in Hawaii would be a good thing. Yes, they are in the hurricane season about now through November but they don’t happen that often. There’s too much Pacific Ocean and they just blow out to sea. Other than that the weather is pretty much nice every day. I do remember being there a few years back for about 18 days and a good seven of them were rainy and cool- for Hawaii. I remember feeling sorry for those visitors who were only there for one week. They have the perpetual notion that in Hawaii it just rains every day. That’s not true. Many times during a shower on the island of Oahu- home base to Honolulu and Waikiki, it’s not worth the effort to get up out of your beach chair. One minute you’re cooking like a big fat lobster, then, a brief shower sweeps down from the mountains and cools your skin- briefly. A minute later the sun comes out full-force once again.

So here in Orillia, enjoy the nice days while you can. We’ll be bitchin’ about shovelling snow before you know it.

I saw Alfred Sung Christmas Ornaments just around the corner from witches, goblins and spooky things at Zellers last week.
No. I didn’t buy. I make it a rule to not purchase anything until after Hallowe’en.
Enjoy the sunshine and warmth- if or while it lasts because-
Santa is right around the corner.

Ho Ho Ho! Have a great day!