Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It’s a sham.

It’s fake. It’s bound by ridiculous censorship. I’m talking about Glee on Global Television. Last night was the final straw. Mr. Schuester (Mathew Morrison) and the kids decide to do The Rocky Horror Show for a school musical only they call it “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”!

They ridiculously produce the show in a week- or less.A tall order isn’t it?
A tall order indeed but they f***ked it all up!

When I first saw Rocky Horror right here in Orillia back in the 70’s, it was a dream come true. I was not yet out of the closet and it gave me an opportunity to feel “not so different”. It was medicine for a young man- who knew he was ‘Gay” but trapped in a straight world. That has not really changed really. Yes, I go to the Gay Village in Toronto. Yes, I am an out “Gay” man but for the most part living in Orillia these past 18 years, I am still surrounded by “heterosexuals”.

A facimile- not Glee's Rocky
 The movie version of Rocky was awe-inspiring and fun to me. I watched Rocky in his gold lame shorts- abs glistening in the hot studio lights on the big screen.
Tim Curry’s Dr. Frank ‘n Furter was magical. I wondered what it would be like to strut around on stage in fishnet stockings. I still don’t know to this very day. Tim even has a “Gay” scene with Barry Bostick (Brad in the movie) where he sneaks into Brad’s room disguised as Janet- until his wig is pulled off by Brad.
Brad has some hoser of a line about “I wouldn’t. I never!”
Dr. Frank ‘n Furter tells him to give himself over to “absolute pleasure”.
He does.

Now back to Glee. The censors had a field day with this one.

In one song they changed the words from “heavy petting” to “heavy sweating”.
Meanwhile while Mathew Morrison is stripped to the waist showing a fine set of abs and a furry chest, his co-star rides on top of him perched on his crotch as they fly across a room on a swivel chair. Can’t say “petting” but going for a crotch ride on a chair of chest hair is OK?

The young blonde stud muffin in the class does get to do a scene in gold shorts and for a young lad, he is impressive. The “Canuk” in the cast- Cory Monteith, as Finn frets about stripping down to “tighty whities” in front of the “guys” on the team. This show perpetuates this kind of dumb bullying. He eventually does a dry run walking down a hallway clad in just his whities- but they’re boxers- not tightie whities!
Good Grief!

Barry Bostick who did a cameo on the show should have been livid. He let it all hang out- or flop at least!
The final atrocity of all came when Glee’s “beefy, black girl” was given the lead role of Dr. Frant ‘n Furter!
The un-kindest cut of all!
The good doctor Frank is a Transsexual and hails from the planet Transsexual. That’s the whole point to his character and the movie- or stage show! Having a heavy-duty black chick- who can really sing, play the part is like Christopher Plummer subbing for Julie Andrews as Maria in The Sound of Music!

Once again, I would hazard a guess that the producers wouldn’t let a fellow prance about and sing his heart out in fishnets while being an “out” transsexual. For Cripes sake, they have a Gay Man in the cast!
He’d have been a better choice! Now I am not typecasting. Maybe that lad wouldn’t want to be a “trannie” either but thinking back to a recent show, didn’t he sing a duet a la Judy Garland- not in drag but in body language at least.
Oh, and what part did the writers have for him?
Don’t make me laugh.

It’s been difficult watching these actors lyp-synch songs for a season and a third but to destroy The Rocky Horror Show like this?
Fie on them.
Fie on them all!

I know younger kids are addicted to this show and that is why such a “layer of protection” is in place but “Golly Gee whiz”- as Holly Golightly would say, leave the good stuff alone and stick to ballads and showtunes.

Oh, more scenes with Mathew Morrison shitless would be advantageous too!
Go ahead and say it!
Alright. I will- I am so shallow.
All part of being Gay My Dears!

Final note. This show should be moved to Cable and have the reins of censorship lifted permanently.