Monday, November 1, 2010


I almost didn’t write this blog.

I didn’t have or couldn’t think of something to say.
I decided to start with that and see where it takes me.

I think my mind is awfully busy right now.
Day-to-day stuff.
Theatrical stuff.
Directing stuff.
Over-extending myself- again.
Then there’s “just stuff”!

Winter lying ahead in all it’s pristine, white glory, gives me an opportunity to whine and moan although moving headlong into the Holiday Season in a few weeks keeps me occupied. I am already thinking about how I will decorate a tree or two at home. After buying those vintage ornaments I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I think I’ll choose a few of the real “vintage” ornaments I own already and make that the theme of one tree.

I have to consider the damage that two 4 month old cats can do to a couple of Christmas Trees, so I am wondering about that as well. Maybe I should go to the dollar store. Buy a few dozen cheap, unbreakable “Objets d’Noel” and be done with it.

I am also pondering the theme of this year’s Santa Claus Parade. Yes, the “Swissshmobile” will be in this year’s Santa march again. The theme is “Christmas Around World”. I already had an idea but now this “theme” kicks the Yuletide “piss” out of it.
I will have to give it a bit of thought.
How can I turn my idea around to reflect this “World” theme.
Dress in wooden shoes and a little Dutch dress?
Wear a Hawaiian Shirt and Lei?

Wrap a piece of cloth around my waist and shove a bone through my lower lip?
The jury and the idea machine are still deliberating on that one.
Stay tuned.

There are other “items” clogging my brain right now. I usually come up with new ideas pretty quickly. Note I didn’t say “good ideas”. I said “new” ideas.
The last thing I need now is a fall cold or a loss of voice. That's a new idea I don't need.
I know that cute little bug is making the rounds these days. Three friends have either had it or dealing with it.
Ya got to love this Fall and Winter season- eh?
A cold or flu that sets me on my ass would be a disaster, so I am starting my vitamin regimen and no more kissing hello and goodbye. Only “air kisses” and hugs. Quick hugs and lots of hand washing too and door openings in public places using a napkin or the sleeve of my coat.

Sometimes I wait for someone to come along and use their hands to open the door in question.
That can be a long wait.

I managed to write a blog out of nothing. It’s about nothing just like the old Seinfeld Show.
I ought to be a rich writer.
I deserve it.

Have a nice, pleasant day.