Monday, November 15, 2010


You’ll have to excuse me, I’m feeling a little stressed.

I have a bunch on my plate right now and it’s not carrots, it’s the workload.
I am directing a show I wrote- A Chatty HANKmuss as well as being in the show. There’s a ton of things to do and remember. If I didn’t have a very capable support staff- as a director, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Of course problems still appear.
Dialogue disputes, costume decisions, makeup decisions and more.
Sometimes, someone doesn’t get along with someone else. Maybe I should say, one person not seeing eye-to-eye with another or agreeing with what another likes or wants. It’s small stuff and it’s all part of putting a huge show like this together. The programme ads are selling well- in fact, we’ve paid for out theatre- The Stubley Auditorium at St. James. Proceeds are going to Couchiching Jubilee House.

The hardest part about this show is ongoing.
Selling tickets.
Getting bums in the seats.
Tickets are out there now at several locations. Check out the website to find out where. The poster with show info is there, as well as information on how to book a group of 10 or more- all at a big saving.
Huh, listen to me- shameless self-promotion.
I urge you to come- and bring your friends, for a Hardy Holiday Chuckle or two.

As if that’s not enough, I am also in rehearsal for another show that plays in mid-February. Then, there’s Swisssh the Website and Swisssh Radio that I have to keep watch over daily. Swisssh Radio starts playing Christmas Music come Sunday. I have some computer work to do in the Swisssh Studio before that happens. I probably won’t get to that until Saturday.

There is this blog as well. Everyday I have to come up with something new. Writing late at night- or in the morning.
This I do for me. I don’t get paid for it.
Last month alone I had over 400 people read this blog.
That’s not too shabby- is it?

Like I always say about my Radio Station- writing this RobBlog is better than throwing up the sash, opening the shutters and yelling to people passing by on the street.

One final item.

I am also about to build the design I made for the Swissshmobile to take part in this coming Sunday’s Orillia Santa Claus parade. I am calling it “Swissshing Around the World” since the parade theme is “Christmas Around the World”. That project has to wait until Wednesday because tomorrow we write cue cards for the “live” Television Show- A Chatty HANKmuss.
Oh well, I can relax come the end of February.

Yikes! I just realized that the Christmas Holidays are somewhere in that mix too.

Then, there’s that show for the Orillia Business Women on December 8th and……