Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Why do some things have to look so awful at this time of the year?

Holy smoke, we don’t even have slush and sand on the streets and the landscape is looking pretty dead and dull. Not so much on nice, sunny, mild days but on rainy, windy November afternoons- yeech!

We need to get out there are rake and tidy up people! Cut off the dead plants. Pull some of the brown weeds. Rake or blow the remaining leaves off your lawn. That doesn’t mean blowing them onto the street or onto a neighbour’s lawn- no matter how tempting it may be.

We need to get the old chesterfield’s and sofa chairs off the side of the road- or front porch as the case may be.
Stop throwing garbage in the bushes just off the trails near the park and along the lake. That is totally disgusting! You know who you are.

If you are damned to be a smoker and eventually develop lung cancer throw you buts in an outdoor ashtray or a can you bring along with you.
Oh sure!
You smoke.
You get cancer.
You die.
Then you leave the mess of your cigarette butts all over the place for someone else to clean up. While I’m on the subject- S T O P S M O K I N G all together!! It costs the rest of us money just to keep you comfortable as you’re lying there rotting, from nicotine and a dozen over lethal chemicals wrapped in cigarette papers, waiting to pass on in that expensive hospital bed with expensive cancer cures, short-staffed nursing departments and busy doctors- who could be out golfing instead of monitoring your demise.
Probably, however, it’s the truth.

If you install snowtires on your old jalopy, spend a few bucks and get some “press- on” hubcaps. They’re like “ press on nails” and make your car look spiffy. I really hate seeing cars driving about town with black snow tires, rusty rims and no hubcaps. It looks clunky and no matter how shiny your car is- which is usually not the case, it still brings down the neighbourhood.

Speaking of neighbourhoods. Cars are meant to be parked in driveways, not on the street and certainly not on front lawns. What is this all about? It looks like “Hillbilly Heaven”. While on the topic of “Hillbilly Heaven” installing a white chain-link fence on black poles using plastic ties is wrong no matter how you look at it. Yee-haw! Move the “still” to the front porch Maw and keep the fire burnin’!

Now if you still have Christmas lights dangling from your front porch eves or that half- dead spruce in the front yard, there’s no sense taking them down now. I ask you though, to at least replace the burned out bulbs and remember to take the bloody things down in January!
One more piece of awful.
Really awful!
A movie called “The Hangover”. I tried to watch it the other night. It was such a big piece of crap. How do people get money to make something so “off-colour”, crass and un-funny? It was truly awful.

Why do some things have to look so awful at this time of the year?
They don’t really-
It’s nothing that can’t be improved upon.
Have a good day!