Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So the moustache is back.

Yes, this month “guys” (and the occasional gal) are sporting bristle and facial hair- at least they’re trying, in order to raise funds and educate us about prostate cancer.
I’m not sure where the connection is between the prostate and the fur above a fella’s upper lip .

Personally, I have had a moustache since 1971.I shaved it off once for a show. Funny thing being, I had to shave it off in order for a “fake” ‘stache to be glued on. You see, I played twins. One twin had a smooth upper lip.The other a bushy moustache. That was about five years ago.

My moustache has changed over the years. Most dramatically in recent times the blondy-brown colour has been taken over by a lot of grey. It’s kind of a sun-bleached look in the summer but this time of yea,r it just looks grey- even whitish. I really don’t like the colour and it sure as heck show’s a guy’s age.

Back in the 80’s it was dark brown with a bit of lightening happening in the summer months- naturally. Those were the “hairy” days when Tom Selleck’s moustache was as popular as his “hairy” chest- or at least the actor himself. I met “Magnium” in Hawaii- twice. It was certainly a beautiful moustache that topped off a handsome face. Goodness but he was a huge man. He towered over me. He was tanned. He wore a Hawaiian Shirt and tight jeans. His smile was absolutely hypnotizing.
Most of all- he was nice.

Today he’s on a cop show. I haven’t seen it yet. I don’t even know if he sports the famous ‘stache or not. He certainly is just as handsome in his later years. I’ve seen some pictures.

So boys, go for it. Grow those moustaches. Let the chest hair flourish too- stop shaving and waxing.
Perhaps a tidy trim is all that is required.

Let’s have a “hairy” November and do it for prostate cancer.