Friday, November 5, 2010

ROBBLOG #175 W E E K E N D Edition

I can’t help it.

I see a bit of snow falling and I think Christmas. I bought two small patio trees- both pre-lit while the storm was storming outside. I actually bought them for ‘A Chatty HANKmuss’ that plays on December 11th and 12th for 4 shows at the Stubley Auditorium. Then- after the shows are finished, one will sit on my side verandah, just outside the dining room’s single French Door. The other will likely sit next to another potted, pre-lit tree on the front verandah.

I love that kind of decorating.
Buy it.
Take it out of the box.
Plug it in.
That’s why I bought a pre-lit indoor three last year.
Take it out of the box, fluff it and plug it in.
The a few boxes or ornaments and voila!

This year I am not sure about the two or three trees I decorate in the house. With two small cats in the house-they’ll be 5 months old on November 19th, I might be taking a chance with valuable, glass ornaments.
I don’t know what to do.
You see, a week ago they broke an antique bowl and pitcher set. It took me a day to get over the loss. What if they break some blown glass ornaments? They can’t be replaced- especially the blown glass Santas and Snowmen.

I had thought about going to the dollar store and buying a bunch of unbreakable, plastic balls- that only appear to be glass, then decorating the trees. It would save the worry of having the glass balls smashed to smithereens if the trees should be tampered with by the felines. It also would give me the opportunity to tell friends- if they are in awe of my tree, that all the decorations are from the dollar store!
I’ve wanted to decorate a tree with all dollar store purchases for a few years now.
Maybe this year I will and save the nice decorations for another year. I could decorate a tree with colourful boxes and ribbons. Another could have all stars and gold ornaments. It would be fun!
Guess I will just have to see what the Dollar Stores offer.

Finally, we are in the midst of interviewing for a new “snow guy” again this year. We go through “Snow Guys” like we do socks. We can’t seem to find one who understands that being our “Snow Guy” means removing the snow from the driveway and walks. Last year we thought we had hired one who understood all the ins and outs of “snow business”.
However, when he last did the drive on the 2nd or 3rd of January, we were non too pleased with his performance. The blade on the snowblower obviously wasn’t low enough and we had to go out and do it all over again, after he left.
We have a paved drive. A “Snow Guy” should scrape the snow off the drive down to the asphalt- shouldn’t he?

Just had another thought. The snow tires are in the shed. Better think about getting them on in the next couple of weeks.

I know this snow is just a teaser to let us all know we still live in Canada, eh?