Monday, May 3, 2010

             If you don’t want to read it…STOP here!!

"Shut the Fuck up!"
"Pardon, Nancy?"
I said- “Shut the Fuck up! Stop talking about abortion- at least for 5 weeks until the G8 starts….If you push it, there’ll be more backlash.”
"Oh. Yes, Nancy. Certainly Nancy. Of course. You’re quite the “sailor” aren’t you?"
"Shut the Fuck Up"- says Nancy.
"Yes, that’s what I thought I heard. Is that a threat?"

Boy, that sure sounded like a threat. I listened to the audio last night.
So, my question is- if we don’t shut up will Harper will blow fire and smoke through his nostrils too- because it’s already coming out his ass!

Most news stories about Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth’s “cursed” advice to International agencies wanting maternal support- including abortions, wanted you to fill in the blanks. It looked like this:
F _ _ _ .
I decided to call a spade a “fuck”.
Once again the Conservatives are quietly trying to reverse some Federal issues- that as Canadians we have already dealt with years ago. This time it’s abortion, particularly in respect to other countries asking Canada for aid regarding maternal health.
To be precise, in words accorded to the Toronto Star:

“Harper’s government announced that it would no longer be supporting abortion as any part of its foreign-aid focus on maternal health, even though abortion is legal in Canada.”

That’s why Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth suggested to groups in Ottawa on Monday that they zip it tightly closed- or in her words- “Shut the Fuck up”.
Once again people, how long are we Canadians going to put up with this Dictatorship currently holding Canadians by the balls in Ottawa?

What is sure to follow- if Harper and his cronies get a majority come the next Federal election, will be a change to Same-Sex marriage laws, gun laws and more. Anything that your Conservative friends and family members consider “liberal” based will be attacked.
Gee, maybe residential schools will be back too.
Maybe women will be told to stay at home where they belong cooking and cleaning.
Maybe Gays and Lesbians will be thrown in jail again.
Protesters at rallies will be charged with unlawful assembly- especially on Parliament Hill and especially if they rise against the “Reform-Alliance folks”- which as I have said many times before are the “Conservatives” in sheep’s clothing.

It’s one thing after another with the Harperites. The Liberal Party of Canada had their nuts flogged and were hung out to dry surrounding less disturbing issues.
We need a Pierre Elliot Trudeau again to set them in their place.
A Jean Chretien to stand up in the House of Commons or the Senate and say:
“no, you Fuck Off!”
A Judy LaMarsh to give them all a stern tongue-lashing and more.

Grow “some”, fellow Canadians. Then chew up this federal Conservative party and spit their remains into the Atlantic or at least a landfill site.
Strong words? Well, I am fed up. This is not the Canada I love. This is NOT what it means to be a Canadian.

Have a good day, eh?