Friday, May 21, 2010

ROBBLOG W E E K E N D Edition Blog # 70

It's finally here.
Victoria Day.
The long weekend.

First off. I dislike that term "2/4" weekend that gets bandied about. It has such a "beer" mentality. The weekend after all is in memory of Queen Victoria, so let's try to keep it in perspective.
Just because Molson is laughing all the way to the bank is no reason for us common-folk to use the term "two-four".

Another thing that really disturbs me this weekend is the illegal sale of fireworks to those under age. Typical of a Victoria Day Weekend in recent years, is the sound of fireworks being set off throughout the night. Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt- badly, with a house or two going up in flames. I suspect most of those foolishly lobbing these dangerous things about are underage. Like liquor and cigarettes they either buy them illegallly or convenience stores and other facilities that sell fireworks are not checking for ID.
Our mini-schnauzer runs and hides and shakes whenever she hears them. With a dog's keen sense of hearing, she hears them far off in the distance.

Although- knock on wood, out neighourhood is relatively quiet- so far, a couple of poilce cars have roared down the street. I'm sure they don't look forward to this "first" weekend of the summer. It's an excuse for many to drink and just generally act like a bunch of assholes.

Apparently, last May 24th temperatures hovered around zero.
Short memory, I guess. In fact- no memory.
I can't even remember last Victoria Day. It was Environment Canada Forecasters that said it was quite cool a year ago. These next few days are to be quite brillant with temps in the mid to high twenties. Yeah!

So, have a good Victoria Day Weekend.
Bar B Que.
Listen to Swisssh Radio at
Ride your bike.
Go shopping or maybe just tinker away in the garden.
Oh yes, the lawn may need cutting too!
It's all good.

Relax and enjoy what we have here in Canada.
The freedoms. The choice. The Human Rights- yes, even to party-hardy.

One final thought. If you didn't get a chance to read yesterday's blog, please take a moment and do so now. It still weighs heavy on my mind.
A bit of good news today- locally.
One of the local high schools in Orillia had a sort of "Gay Pride" week this past week. Some young people coming out strong and proud. I admire each and every one of you. That makes yesterday's Blog even more heart-wrenching.

Have a Happy and Safe Victoria Day Weekend!