Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Got a new fridge yesterday.
Had a new one just a couple of weeks ago too.
I decided it was easier to trade it in, than clean out the crisper.
That’s not true.
I’m just foolin’ around!

I think I wrote a bit about the new Sears Kenmore fridge where the water in the door froze after 4 days of operation. Water, water everywhere- except for my new Kenmore Refrigerator. Just couldn’t get a drink if I was dying of thirst. The new fridge with the water and ice feature was missing some insulation in the door, so it froze. The Mexican workers who assembled this Whirlpool Fridge- under the guise of Kenmore, just didn’t understand what cold temps can do to water- like maybe freeze it as solid as the hobs of hell- on a cold day down there of course!

I said from the start that the fridge was made on “Tequila Tuesday”- a bad day at any Mexican factory assembling items of an electronic nature. To make a long story short, two service men had looked at it on separate days and the decision was made to order up a new door. When Sears said it would not be available until June 3rd I said-
“Hold it right there. I want a new fridge”
I got one delivered. Yesterday.

The other fridge is probably on its way to the Sears Clearance Centre. A good deal for someone looking for a cheap fridge- where the water freezes. I must also warn you- if you were to buy this very fridge at the Sears Warehouse store, the ice maker froze up on Sunday too. Yup, tighter than a turkey’s arse at fly time. We had to chop the ice away with a blunt instrument.

Now we have the same model- an exact replica, sitting in the kitchen. There was a bit of a water problem at first. It leaked all over the kitchen floor.
As frustrating as a new puppy!
However, the problem was rectified and our new Kenmore- nee Whirlpool, made in Mexico is now happily dispensing cold water and a choice of crushed or cubed ice.
Technology is grand!
I added crushed ice to my Caesar and I didn’t even have to fight with an ice cube tray.
I just had to get a new fridge.
Simple enough.
I’m smiling now.

Thanks for the help regarding the “Swisssh Radio” Window. I will take all suggestions to heart and re-jig the space. More flowers. More something. Hang the lanterns. Something.
I wish I had an old radio or two to display in the window with just the Swisssh name.
Less is more. Anyone have some old radios?
I’ll try to re-make it into something- tomorrow.

Have a good one- you hear?