Tuesday, May 25, 2010


“Overcoming the bad times in one’s life, build’s character.”


Using Mother Teresa as an example does this mean M.T. didn’t have any character because she was always good?

When someone makes life difficult for you but you survive the difficult situation, does this make you a better person- a more engaging character?

What is character anyway? Character might come from surviving the taunts of a normal childhood through your adult life but it may not necessarily give you character. Perhaps you are born with the "character" you become in adult life.

Does character mean you have a “humorous” streak such as- “What a character!” Could it have a negative connotation such as- “Keep your eyes on that character!”

Can you change your character? Maybe. I don’t know. It might be in your genes.

Are we really talking about "personality" here? Does “building character” require professional help and years of counselling and not just the skills learned from living a life?

Final Question.
Do we get dealt the cards of life- meaning we have no control of our character or personality and have to deal with the hand of "life" we get dealt.

So many questions. So little time. So little character. I came across this statement regarding character building and I have been thinking about it. I have to say that those whom always seem to be down on their luck and are constantly trying to keep their head above water, don’t always display the best character. They believe the world owes them something. They turn on you in the snap of a finger. I have always wondered why people stuck in less than ideal life situations just don’t move away. When you think of a big city- like Toronto, the change could be accomplished simply by moving from one neighbourhood- where let’s say drugs and drug dealers abound, to a neighbourhood less troublesome. This is where a lesson would be learned and a person’s character improved upon. Anyone in that situation has to see an immediate improvement in day-to-day living.

If you want to be a writer perhaps living in an unsavoury part of town builds the character you need to add depth to your written word. If you’ve always had to struggle with life then you might have something to say to others.
It might be a lesson you pass on to future generations.
It might be life-changing.
It might help a lot of people.
After all, you lived through the bad times and you’ve turned it around.
You’ve built the character and found the fortitude to struggle out of “the pit” and affect change within your own life first, eventually transferring that change to others around you.

Turning a negative into a positive.
Turning something bad into something good- building character.


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