Thursday, May 27, 2010


I didn’t like him much the first time I saw him and I don’t much care for him now.
Stephen Harper?
It’s not always about Mr. Harper you know.

This time, it’s that 16 year old brat by the name of Justin Bieber. I’ll get to the “brat” part. Give me a moment to set the scene.

Master Bieber first came to my attention last December when I saw his CD on the rack up at Wal*Mart. There was a price tag stuck across the front of the CD covering about half of his face. On the back another sticker covered some of the song titles. I wondered how a young kid like him was able to have a hit CD.

The next time I saw this “snarky little chap” in a child’s body was on SNL- Saturday Night Live. He had 4 backup singers and a band of maybe three or 4 guys- all his senior.

Maybe one of the background singers was actually his “nanny” in “background singer clothing!”

As he performed, he appeared to have some difficulty hitting the high notes he was trying to sing. A few days later, I read that the poor boy’s “Puberty hairs” were past the stubble stage and hence the problem he was having reaching for the higher notes on the musical scale. His voice was changing.
Ahhhhh. My heart weeps.

Not that I am an expert regarding “high notes”. However, personally, I do try to choose songs that are within my “limited” vocal capacity. One notable exception was last fall when I had to sing “ The Green, Green Grass of Home” in Sunshine City Theatre’s production of MASH 6000. I worried and fretted over the song. It was set in a high key. I hated the song right from the start but I had no choice. I had to perform it. With the patience of Shirley Snell-the Musical Director and the support and love of the show’s Director- Sandi Atkinson, I was able to make the song my own and for me personally, it became one of my most favourite moments in the show. During some performances there wasn’t a dry eye in the house- not because I sang it badly but because of where the song came in relation to the plot.
Finally, the brat part.

I read yesterday that Master Bieber rasised his voice to a Stage Manager of a morning Television Show in Australia. The SM was simply directing him to the set by placing- I would imagine, his hand in the small of his back. It was probably a regular duty for this guy to lead guests to the set making sure they made their way safely around cameras and cables strung across the studio floor.
Mr. Bieber didn’t appreciate the “touching” and told the stage manager to “never F*&*ing touch him again.”
Ooooo. Touchy.
Then, just a few days ago he walked out of a radio interview in Britain, when he was asked a question about the new tattoo he was sporting. This was his first tattoo and Master Bieber had to ask “Daddy” if he could get one- since he was an under age child. He was still a bit touchy about that I suppose. The “boy-king” having to ask an elder for permission.
Holy cripes is this kid going to be a handful!
Hello Ego! It’s me, Justin.

Perhaps Mum and Dad are just holding onto his fame long enough so they’ll get their cut and run for early retirement in a little grass shack in Hawaii- with running water and all the conveniences that an average “Canadian” would expect.
I know, hitting the “brat” would not do any good. Spare the rod and spoil the child is definitely “old school”.

He’d probably have Mummy and Daddy thrown in a Chilean jail and they would never be heard from again.
No, stepping back and taking a few deep breaths is the way to go Mr. and Mrs. Bieber. After all Mr. and Mrs. Brady made it through life with their horde and with minimal abuse. I don’t think either of them ever laid a hand on the kids.
They couldn't have been Catholic.
Can’t speak for Alice though- crusty old broad.
Of course, it turned out Mr. Brady was Gay (in real life) and that was a whole new sausage in a bun- if you get my drift Eunice.
Hmmm. Maybe he was Catholic.

I wish you luck with the young lad Biebers!
You are going to need it!