Friday, May 14, 2010


As I was working in the yard and garden today, the thought crossed my mind- how great it is to be outside.
Sunshine, blue skies and warm temperatures.
Thinking back to our winter- it seems so long ago, with the exception of going from house to car and car to store, that’s about it for being outside. Oh there’s the daily bundling up and trudging through snow-packed trails, just to get some exercise- but no extended time spent outside.

It’s nice that the weather is “seasonal” again but it can mean a busy day in the yard.
I started the day digging grass and weeds from between interlocking bricks on a pathway. I was down on hands and knees trying to grab all the roots from the offending tufts. The soil was moist, so the grass was plucked quite easily. I worked for an hour or two- until noon, deciding to complete the job later. My back was already starting to ache. If I stayed down there too long on my hands and knees, I’d have to call in a winch to raise me up!

So, I topped up the water in a fountain and birdbath just beside the verandah steps and called it a morning.
I intended to cut the grass as well but it had to dry out a bit more after yesterday’s downpour. Later in the afternoon after a few hours of sunshine the grass was ready to cut. I hauled out the lawnmower and wrapped black electric tape around the handle. You see, last time I cut the grass, the handle on this Black and Decker, battery-operated mower broke.
It didn’t surprise me at all hearing the “snap” as I cut round the maple tree.
The last couple of mowers all did the same thing. A little plastic part snaps and a spring flies out.

We ordered a part.
It came.
Wrong part.
Another part was ordered. The man at the Black and Decker parts counter in Mississauga told us over the phone that they are now making the handle with metal parts- not plastic.
About time.
It was the plastic part that kept snapping. It was to be sent UPS- free of charge.

So, I wrapped the handle with tape to hold it in position. It worked but I couldn’t turn it off. I had to be careful, especially when removing the bag that hung on the back of the mower, catching the clippings. I was careful not to put fingers or toes under the machine. I was almost through cutting when the UPS truck pulled up in front of the house. A slim young man hopped out and passed me a brown cardboard box.
“This is a part for my lawn mower”, I said shaking the box.
“Beats whipper-snipping the lawn!”- he says with a smile and hops back into his big, brown truck.
I hope it’s the correct part this time.

I finished the grass cutting and fetched the trimmer for the final touch of neatness.
The lawn looked good. Even better when I dug out the half dozen dandelions- a result of all that rain yesterday.

After supper, I topped the day off clearing the remaining weeds from the interlocking pathway, a cup of tea to my right and Kiki- our yellow lab and Missy- the mini-schnauzer, laying on the freshly mowed lawn next to me.

It really amazes me the number or things one can accomplish on a warm, sunny day and yet all the day-to-day things inside the house- like answering e-mails, doing dishes and laundry, still have to be accomplished.

Must be something about the warm air. It helps get things done.
Have a good weekend.