Thursday, May 6, 2010

I’m in a conundrum. I can’t decide if I should get my regular haircut or ask for a Justin Bieber “bob”.
That’s the haircut for young guys who want to look like “old farts”.
Layered in the back.
Front and sides brushed to the front- like Julius Ceasar, in an attempt to cover hair loss.

I don’t understand the “Bieber” style.
The Beatles’ mop cut I understood.
Of course I was in Grade 8 at the time. I remember scotch taping my hair down onto my forehead at night so I could look like a “Beatle” in the morning.
I probably just looked like a little “fag”.
You can laugh at that- if you like.
I pretty much kept the same look through high school.
Hair down on my forehead, shorter on the sides.
The first picture here is me in about 1967. That guy’s name was Rick Morrison.
It was a summer of love. It was also the summer I thought I was incredibly fat.
See, it happens to boys too.
As you can see from the picture, I wasn’t fat. I have no idea where Rick is today. I should google him.
I wanted to “google” him in 1967 ~ahem~ but it never got that far.
You may chuckle- if you like.

The picture to the left, is me in 1969. Commencement at ODCVI. Check the suit- and the shoes! A real fashion-plate- don’t you think?
Still the Beatle cut too. I remember that year in high school well. Besides my hair- always across my forehead, a classmate told me I smelled like Zest. You know. The soap.
I used Zest, so that is probably why- but such a “nose” to notice.
Then, just last week a clerk behind a paint counter told me I smelled “good”. She wasn’t coming on to me or anything. Must have been the Zest again. Still working after all these years.
It seemed to be an odd thing to say to someone- especially a customer.
When I told her I thought it odd, she said it was a pleasant change to have a male customer that smelled “nice”. Apparently that didn’t happen very often when a man approached her paint counter.

Then along came 1972 and I grew the “Beatle” style right down to my shoulders. I also had a moustache that hung off my jowls for an inch or two on each side. Today only my jowls and an extra chin hang down there.
You may smile- if you like.

So you can see that I never did wear my hair in the Justin Bieber style and to be honest I don’t know why Justin wears his hair the way he does. It certainly doesn’t help his singing. I watched him on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back. His voice was changing and he could only screetch the high notes.
One day in 2045, he’ll look back and wonder why he styled his hair that way. Maybe he’ll post some pics on a blog too.

Have a good one!