Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nicole- she’s the painter-gal who’s goal it is to make our outdated kitchen look rather stunning, has a new IPhone. She just learning how to use it but I’d say she seems to be well on her way to complete understanding of all its incredible features. I especially like the fact that she has internet wherever she goes.

I remember when the IPhone came out, I asked a young man who worked at our Rogers Store in Orillia-
“How do Io listen to Swisssh Radio- my Net Radio station on the IPhone?”
By the way if you click on that Swisssh logo- just to the right of this blog, you can listen as you read this…

Anyway, as I remember, I don’t think he was familiar with Internet Radio let alone how to play a Net station over an IPhone.
I had been telling Nicole about my radio station and she had listened in our garage as she painted cupboard doors. I am sure it’s not the “type” of music she usually listens to on the radio however, she was interested none the less.

She wanted to read my blog too and I said it was accessible through Swisssh The Website. So when she showed me her IPhone, I ask her to type in the website address- Then, scroll down until she saw my picture and click on it. She did and my blogspot came right up. She said she’d read it later.
Then I said go back up and click on the embedded payer. It said she would have to download a flash player.Then, for interest, I said click on the 64k player.
She did.
A few seconds later a “Quicktime” player loaded on the IPhone screen and in a “snap”- there was Swisssh Radio, merrily playing away- A Breath of Fresssh Air indeed.

I was surprised since I had never been able to have anyone show me how Swisssh Radio plays on an IPhone. Although, last year Don Andrews showed me how easy it was to listen on a Blackberry. Nicole says she too was a little confused as to how to listen to an Internet Station. She hadn’t had a chance to look at the Swisssh Website. All of a sudden the light came on and she understood. Now, I need an IPhone to show people how easy it is to listen to Swisssh and how to listen whether on a computer or a phone.

While on the subject of technology- computers and such, I was reading an article on conservation that said one might think- when you’re finished using your computer, the smart, energy-efficient thing to do would be to shut it down. The article goes on to say:

“When you shut your computer down you're doing small amounts of irrevocable damage. Electrons surge through delicate circuits, flash-heating them and causing expansion. Hard drives spin up from a dead stop to thousands of rotations a minute. Shutting off and on several times a day is a good way to quickly wear out your machine - and considering the nasty, ecologically unfriendly PC manufacturing process, the green thing to do is keep the one you have as long as possible. In standby mode, modern PCs don't consume much power.”

So there you have it. The article appeared at and was written by David M. Ewalt and William Pentland.

In the Swisssh Studio alone, three computers consistently run 24/7. In the office another computer never shuts down. The monitor screen shuts off after a few minutes of inactivity though. I never did notice much of a rise in electricity costs- if there even was one, when Swisssh hit the airwaves.

Have a good day!