Monday, December 26, 2011


It's been quite green.

West Coast green- and mild. Sure there's been a skiff of snow here and there
but nothing earth-shattering. So, for this holiday blog I present lyrics sung to the tune of "Blue Christmas".

A Green Season

I'll have a "green" Season without you.
I'm thinking green grasses about you.

Decorations hang limp on my tall balsam tree.
It's not the same Dear with no snow I can see.

And then when "white" snowflakes start falling
That's when ski re-sorts will be calling.

Till then, we take flight,
With our skiis where it's white-
'Cause we have a green, green, green season.

Yes, we'll not see the white
As we ride on our bike
'Cause we have a green, green, green season.